brigadier general creighton w. abrams to join ace electronics for \'m119a howitzer day\'

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-04
Ace Electronics, a New Jersey wire and cable component manufacturing service provider, announced that it will hold M119A howitzers Day with special Brigadier General Creighton W. Abrams, USA (Ret. )Friday.
The event will include the presentation of the M119A2 howitzers, a crucial cannon and discussing the importance of small New Jersey Manufacturers supporting our army.
Brigadier Croton W. Abrams, USA (Ret. )
31 years in the United StatesS. Army.
Abrams served in the field artillery unit, directing two artillery companies, a battalion, a division gun and a Corps gun.
Currently executive director of Army History Foundation.
The event will be held at 11: 30. m. to 2:00 p. m.
Located at Ace Electronics, 235 Liberty Street, metachen.
Lunch is available.
The event is free to the public.
\"While we are proud of all the goods made in the United StatesS. A.
Susan da vera, director of business development at Ace electronics, said: \"Special emphasis is placed on locally made products that support our military . \".
\"We are proud to host this event to showcase the howitzers and celebrate the local manufacturers who support our forces.
\"Ace Electronics received a $30 million contract to provide production services for the digitization of M119A2 howitzers.
The M119A1/A2 105mm howitzers are a light drag weapon that provides direct support firepower for light, airborne and air assault forces.
Ace Electronics is manufacturing cable assemblies at metchen, which will provide a critical enhanced geo-location capability for the weapon.
These improvements will allow the M119A2 to determine its precise geographical location on its own, which will greatly improve the effectiveness of weapons for our United StatesS.
Military force.
The contract added to Ace Electronics\'s job.
Members of the M119A2 Picatinny Arsenal Society shown are included from the Programme Office.
Other special guests included project manager Keith Gooding, the towing artillery system and other government delegates.
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