vicor\'s power mogul

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-05
Of course, Pat Vinciarelli Vicor was a success. last year.
Andover\'s fastest-selling company-
Growing products
Power System for precision electronic equipmentdoubled.
But he\'s hard to satisfy.
Because of the impatience of entrepreneurs, he said, \"Unfortunately, so far we can only build a $0. 25 billion business.
Because the opportunity is much bigger than this.
\"Vinciarelli, 64, has been working here since Vicor was founded in 1981.
He is a native of Rome with a doctorate in physics and he believes that change and adaptation are mandatory in this field.
He said that the business of selling power systems for complex computers, aerospace and defense electronics is highly decentralized, and no company controls more than billions of percent --dollar market.
Vico\'s time seems to have arrived, its so-called V. Chip products-
It\'s about a small block of chocolate.
This is not only twice that of last year, but also twice that of the previous year.
In 2010, the product helped the company grow its overall sales by 27%, while Vico\'s net income increased tenfold to $33. 3 million. “With the V.
\"I think we are on a double path that could last for quite some time,\" Vinciarelli said . \".
Vico produces 10,000 to 12,000 of potato chips a day at a factory near Andover in the north.
This is a highly automated process in which rows of large machines move printed circuit boards on conveyor belts, positioning parts, bonding, curing, and robotic finishing and testing.
There are about 150 employees engaged in the product, and there are 1,080 employees in the company.
Most of the jobs are in Massachusetts, with hundreds of jobs across the country and overseas.
This is an industry that is hard to differentiate.
To a large extent, power
System manufacturers compete on speed and price and sometimes self-compete
Vernon Essi, a semiconductor analyst at Vernon ham & Co, said it was a disruptive way.
\"Power Management is still very decentralized,\" said Essi . \".
Data centers, big computing companies, and electronics manufacturers are among the industries in which Vicor competes.
The company\'s goal is to help engineers make better products with more power and efficiency while generating less heat and taking up less space.
\"You can\'t enter the market unless you have the ability to innovate,\" Vinciarelli said . \".
These innovations will eventually reduce costs, he said.
As Vicor\'s chairman and chief executive, Vinciarelli controls 81% of its voting shares.
Shares of the company rose 76% last year to $16. 40.
Vico is the best.
Fifth, Industrial Corporation
On this year\'s global top 100 list, the best performing companies overall.
Beth Healy @ Healy can be reached. com.
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