via ponte to host show of watercolors by robert sussna

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-19
Transparent Watercolor Artist Robert susner from Stockton will present his paintings on June and 9 at Stockton\'s charming, authentic Sicilian restaurant Via Ponte.
The opening reception is scheduled for Sunday, May 3, month-6 p. m.
Via Ponte is located at No. 13 St. Bridge.
Open Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In 2004, Sussna began working in watercolor painting during her trip to Italy.
Since then, his work has been included in more than 40 regional and international legal exhibitions.
These exhibitions include the Adirondacks national exhibition of American watercolors, the Philadelphia watercolors Association International Paper Works Exhibition, and the annual International Law exhibition of the Pennsylvania watercolors Association, the International Exhibition of northeast Watercolor Association, the annual jury art exhibition of Philip Mill and the exhibition of elalsley open jury, etc.
They won awards in several of these shows and also in private collections.
When it comes to his art, Sussna said, \"the traditionally applied, completely transparent, well-crafted watercolor painting is the medium of my choice, because it has a strong ability to use it, the palest and most delicate wash in rich colors, or almost non-existent.
A few ground minerals in a large pool of water on white paper can show great power and surprise your eyes.
I am trying to get the wet paint to move and behave in its own natural way because it often gives me beautiful effects and is hard to control anyway.
My paintings usually represent real things, and although I wish they were unrealistic, they loosely imply the subject they came from.
I always want them to have an abstract watercolor way of getting something from the theme but getting new.
The color I draw is not the color of the object I see, but the color that resonates internally and cooperates harmoniously.
I change colors in my paintings until they work together the way I like it, which is totally arbitrary and personal.
I am very happy when others like my color too.
\"Sussna received a bachelor\'s degree in architecture from Cornell University and has been engaged in architectural practice in Princeton for 50 years, and his design has received awards.
He is also an award-winning fine arts photographer.
He is currently a member of the Hunterton County Cultural Heritage Committee.
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