toronto grads invent world’s most energy-efficient light bulb

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-04
How many people do you need to design a new energy
Efficient bulb? Three. A team of self-
Description of adventure
Looking for Canadian \"tree\"
They call it a breakthrough in LED lighting technology, touted it as the most energy-efficient lamp in the world --
Efficient bulb.
Jimmy Chu received a bachelor\'s degree in science from the University of Toronto.
Founder of the company.
He has more than seven years of experience as a technical consultant.
He worked with fellow T graduates Christian Yan and Tom Rodinger\'s colleagues to develop light bulbs using their scientific and engineering background.
What is NanoLight?
This is a kind of light that uses only 12 watts of electricity but produces more than 1,600 lumens, equivalent to 100-
Incandescent lamps in Watt.
Lumens measure the brightness of the bulb.
\"The reception is amazing,\" Chu told the Star from San Diego, where he worked as a technical consultant full time.
His two other partners are trying to build an assembly line in China.
These products are posted on the Kickstarter website.
The three partners met at the University of Toronto, who worked for the University of Toronto\'s Solar Vehicle Team.
After they parted ways, they were reunited about three years later.
\"We want to use our knowledge and skills to create real
\"World products \".
Launched in January, NanoLight aims to operate according to the standards of different countries. 7.
Since then, the team has secured about 2,500 supporters, exceeding the $20,000 funding target by raising $125,000.
The Kickerstarter event will end on March 8 and the first bulbs are scheduled to ship on the 5 th.
Soon, they hope to start selling 85-
Gram NanoLight on the website
They are reaching out to distributors and investors.
They have two major nano wires, neither of which can be darkened.
Chu likes the look of Nanguang, but wants many consumers to be hesitant about its shape.
The bulb is made of a printed circuit.
Cardboard material folded into the shape of a bulb.
\"It looks very fashionable,\" Chu said.
\"But it\'s hard to change the consumer\'s idea of what the bulb should look like.
But the light bulb is much brighter and lasts longer.
\"If you burn an average of three hours a day, the bulb will last 20 years, the company said.
\"The future of the lighting industry is really led,\" says Chu . \".
\"It\'s a tough market.
We\'re just little guys.
When asked if there was a light bulb in their head that went off before they invented it, Chu smiled and said no.
The idea developed over time.
However, Chu will continue to work fully when their good idea is implemented
Customer time as a technical consultant.
\"I still have to turn the lights on,\" he joked . \"
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