The effect of FPC line row and weaknesses

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-09

A, what is the FPC line line said to the FPC line row, we understand there is no doubt that master or FPC is what? FPC according to the function points, can be divided into very varied, such as FPC wireless antenna, touch screen, FPC FPC capacitance screen, etc. , is in one kind of FPC line row, popularization, FPC line row means can bend electrode connection within a certain level of quad. Second, the FPC line composition and main parameters of FPC line row because is one of the FPC, therefore, its composition and the composition of FPC also. Design of FPC is generally long, both sides into pluggable fibrous, can immediately into the rf connector or welding welding on the goods. Right in the middle is commonly route, due to the FPC line must be a certain flexibility, thus, plank is commonly with injection of copper, resistance to bump, flexibility. Row of main parameters: with a minimum of 3 mil/graphics limit line is apart from the 3 mil. Minimum line pressing hole manufactured goods be 0. 15mm。 Single-sided FPC bumps board, FPC line three rows processing FPC line adopts the surface processing is commonly zedoary, sometimes have to rust. But to rust processing technology can not heat-resisting, zedoary worse than natural environment tolerance, the price is similar, therefore, the vast majority choose heavy gold processing technology. In addition, also has the processing technology, such as electroplating tin tin but FPC high-temperature is in commonly 280 c and the following, and spray tin has around 300 degrees Celsius temperature, and the strength of solder paste is small, so it is very little to choose. Four, FPC line in the role of the main use FPC line line depends on the action of connecting two related parts or commodities. Now, many goods are adopted line row, because it have a certain can twists, on the copier, mobile phones, laptops and many other commodities in the FPC line was used already. Critical concentration in the pearl river delta region, and in which to dongguan first. Five, FPC line advantage of strengths and weaknesses: using FPC can greatly smaller volume and weight of the electronic equipment, electronic equipment available to high density, practical, high must by the spectrum of bearing development trend. Therefore, FPC in aerospace engineering, national defense, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other industries or goods received widespread use. In addition, it can be in accordance with regulations of the space planning randomly assigned, and randomly move in a three-dimensional space and telescopic, and then do the integration of electronics assembly line and power line connection. Defect: in the whole process of manufacturing goods, cost should be given the number of the most difficult problem. Because the flexible FPC is design for special use, production, so the circuit principle and the beginning of the line and photographed floor need high cost. Or you must use unique flexible FPC, generally small amount to use, it is better not to choose. In addition, since money already spent a lot of energy to dry, and later maintenance is indispensable, of course, so tin welding and repair must be trained staff in practice. FPC line of storage is different from other goods, FPC flexible circuit board is actually can't touch with gas and water. So people should how to properly store the goods? Believe that read the following, we will be looking for the reference answer. First FPC flexible circuit board of the vacuum pump can not be destroyed, to be beside the small trunk circumference when loading on a layer of bubble pad, bubble pad water absorbing capacity is relatively good, so has the very good effect on waterproof, perhaps, waterproof bead is not less. Second, steel wire after small box must partition wall, from stored in dry bath shade, also want to avoid the sun. It's best to manipulate in the temperature of the warehouse to 23 + 3 ℃ and 55 + / - 10% RH, as under the standard of heavy gold, gold, tin, nickel plating/silver plated metal surface treatment, such as PCB general can store in June, setting silver, tin, metal surface treatment such as OSP PCB general can store in March.                                

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