The basis of embedded system structure transformation of the PCB proofing - Ding PCB board factory system

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-03
This article from the PCB board manufacturers: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, client company engineer: ( Fu Gong) To provide the reference. In daily life, people's needs in embedded systems dominate; Particularly focus on most of the hardware and software system embedded in the digital technology. This applies not only to auto control, railways, aircraft, aerospace, medical electronics, industrial electronics, communications electronics, mobile devices and home appliances and so on. Before the transformation requirements: all these widespread influence on society, including the security and privacy, work style and way of life for people. Now is more than 80% of the processor used in embedded systems. Wired and wireless broadband connections enhancements to development of intelligent embedded system. Health care industry in x-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonic imaging, remote monitoring solutions and other fitness equipment ( Such as work machine, easy to navigate, virtual environment, etc. ) Used in the embedded system, showing the huge change. Other embedded system technology is a backplane technology with RF and microwave back speed. This shows that the embedded system in each technology upgrade vital electronic field has its own way. As electronic and computing technology development since the age of transition, all new and existing concepts in the implementation of an embedded system, to obtain a feature-rich products, lower power consumption, improve the reliability and operating costs. After transformation of demand: imaging, compression and multimedia in the field of new upgrade to a higher bandwidth, enhancement of processing capacity, faster response time and more efficient algorithm. Main requirement is to have multiple integration of core processor can improve the throughput of the application. Today's generation of embedded systems need to have a high life expectancy durability, because each department has a major shift of the world economy. For example, wire, cable and coaxial connectors are now transformed into wireless technology. Affect the advantage of the embedded system: intelligent embedded system installation, is the best part of investment it requires less installation and maintenance mechanism. In addition, the software can easily upgrade or replacement, and will not affect the function of the system. Enhanced the model-driven method is adopted in the embedded system, focus on the unique architectural design, can inhibit the complexity and improve the speed of the system. This approach focuses on making the layout of the embedded system, due to the integrated with many functions, used to modify its performance perform a lot of resources, you need to complete the gradient, can provide the best solution for the system complexity challenge, at regular intervals and quality of service and maintenance system for rework. Therefore, an embedded engineer one of the biggest challenges facing is to deal with the upcoming technology trends. Introduced in the market more and more new concept and innovation, the prediction based on embedded architecture products will better position in the coming years, in order to obtain the best investment, in order to obtain the most advanced solution. Rocket PCB Solution co Ltd is a professional: PCB manufacture manufacturer, to provide you with: PCB proofing, batch plate, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, high TG board, impedance board, HDI board, Rogers plate, microwave plate, radio frequency (rf) board, LeiDaBan, thick copper foil board, such as PCB manufacturing production of various kinds of technology and material. Welcome to consult customer service for more details.
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