PCB board is made of what material

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-21
The PCB board is made of what material? This knowledge, the different circuit board, the material is different also, Rocket PCB circuit board factory small make up simple and you said! Printed circuit board (copper clad profile PCB board) Is the main material of the copper clad, and copper clad ( Apply the COINS) Is composed of substrate, copper foil and adhesive. Substrate is composed of high polymer synthetic resin and reinforced material insulation board; Over the surface of the substrate is covered with a layer of high conductivity, good weldability of pure copper foil and the thickness of the commonly used 35 ~ 50 / ma; Copper foil covering the substrate side of the copper clad called single copper clad, both sides of the substrate are copper clad says double-sided copper-clad boards covering the copper foil. Copper foil can be firmly on the substrate, are done by adhesive. The thickness of the common copper clad with 1. 0毫米,1。 5 mm and 2. 0 mm 3 kinds. Copper clad ( PCB board) Copper clad commonly used have the following kinds: FR - 1 ─ ─ phenolic cotton paper, the base material board (known as electricity Than FR - 2 high efficiency) FR - 2 ─ ─ phenolic cotton paper, FR - 3 ─ ─ cotton paper ( 棉纸) FR -, epoxy resin 4 ─ ─ glass cloth ( 玻璃) , epoxy resin ( Dongguan Rocket PCB circuit commonly used glass fiber sheet) FR - 5 ─ ─, epoxy resin, FR - glass cloth 6 ─ ─ obscured glass, polyester G - 10 ─ ─ CEM - glass cloth and epoxy resin 1 ─ ─ cotton paper, epoxy resin ( Flame retardant) CEM- 2 ─ ─ cotton paper, epoxy resin ( The flame retardant) CEM- 3 ─ ─ CEM - glass cloth and epoxy resin 4 ─ ─ CEM - glass cloth and epoxy resin 5 ─ ─ glass cloth, polyesters AIN ─ ─ aluminum nitride SIC ─ ─ the kinds of silicon carbide copper clad more also. According to the insulating materials can be divided into different paper base board, glass cloth substrate and synthetic fibre board; According to the adhesive is divided into different phenolic resin, epoxy, polyester and ptfe, etc. ; According to the purpose can be divided into general type and special type. PCB circuit boards, FR4 glass fiber board) Structure and characteristics of domestic commonly used copper clad ( 1) Phenolic paper copper-clad laminate is made up of impregnated paper ( TFz 62) Or cotton fiber impregnated paper ( 1 tz - A 63). Soak with phenolic resin by hot pressing laminated products, two surface tape can be attached to the single non-alkali glass impregnated fabric, its side apply to copper foil. Mainly used for radio equipment in the printed circuit board. ( 2) Phenolic glass cloth copper-clad laminate is dipped in epoxy phenolic resin with non-alkali glass cloth by hot pressing into laminated products, its one side or both sides apply to copper foil, have qualitative light, good electrical and mechanical properties, easy processing, etc. If the board face pale yellow, with three cyanide diamine as curing agent, the board face is pale green, with good transparency. Mainly in the working temperature and working frequency is higher in the radio equipment used for printed circuit board. ( 3) Ptfe copper-clad laminate is teflon plate substrate, apply to copper foil by hot pressing into a coated copper. Mainly used in the hf and uhf wiring for PCB. ( 4) Epoxy glass cloth copper-clad laminate is hole metallization of commonly used in printed circuit board materials. ( 5) Soft polyester coated copper film is made of polyester film and copper hot pressing and strip material, in the heart of the application of it curled up into a spiral shape in internal equipment. In order to consolidate or moisture, often in epoxy resin pouring it into a whole. Mainly used for flexible printed circuit and print cable, connectors can be used as the transition line. Finally to note is, at the same time, before the copper clad, first of all, bold corresponding power cords: 5. 0V、3. 3 v, etc. , as a result, it has formed the different shape of deformation structure. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit board production and PCB board production.
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