\'long lost\' drawings by world-famous artist set to go under hammer in cambridge

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-14
Two \"long-lost\" paintings in the world
The famous artist, who has never been seen by the public before, will be hit in Cambridge.
Undiscovered pictures that have never been seen by the public before are made by the world --
Famous Swiss artist Alberto Jacometti
They will be sold in Cheffins, Cambridge.
The paintings are \"dusty piles of antiques\" found in the collection of the late antique dealer Eila Grahame who lives in London \".
Martin Millard, director of Cheffins, said experts had a \"gut feeling\" as soon as they saw the photos, and when the Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation confirmed that they were real, they felt \"happy \".
These drawings are pencil sketches on double-sided paper, signed \"Alberto Giacometti 1947 \".
Mr. Millard said: \"in conducting a preliminary inspection of the impact of Eila Grahame, we are aware that these drawings may exist, but they are considered to have been sold or lost for a long time.
\"We finally found them buried under a pile of dust --
Antiques, paintings and paintings are included.
The paintings have never been seen by the public before, and we look forward to the interest of museums and galleries and individual collectors around the world.
\"People tend to have a \'intuition\' of these things, and we quickly believe that these works are true, but when the Alberto and Annette Giacometti foundations were able to confirm their authenticity and include them in the raisins catalogue, I was obviously pleased.
\"Eila Grahame is a real icon in the antique collection community and we know that anything she collects may have some important value, however, nothing can prepare us for the undiscovered work of one of the most important and relevant artists in the world.
The drawings are estimated at £ 40,000-£60,000.
They will be auctioned at cheffins auction house on Clifton Road, Cambridge on October 12.
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