How to check the PCB circuit board design is correct

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-03
When after the completion of the PCB circuit board wiring, inspection should be carried out on the circuit board design rules, to ensure that the boards comply with the design requirements, all the Internet have been properly connected. That is commonly used in PCB design rules inspection inspection items are as follows: 1. Line to line, line and element solder, wire welding plate with hole, components, and through hole, hole and the distance between the holes is reasonable, whether to meet the production requirements. 2. For some not ideal line is modified. 3. Analog circuit and digital circuit part, if there is a separate ground. 4. After add graphics (in PCB Such as ICONS, indexing) Whether causing short circuit signal. 5. Power formation of multilayer circuit board frame edge is narrow, such as the power formation of copper foil likely to cause a short circuit. 6. The power cord, and the width of the ground whether appropriate, whether the tight coupling between power supply and ground, where if there can make ground wire widened. 7. For key signal whether to adopt the best course of action, such as the length of the shortest, plus protection line, input line and output line is obvious. 8. On the PCB board whether to add a process line, resistance welding whether accord with the requirement of production technology, resistance welding size appropriate, character symbol whether the pressure on the bonding pad device. Design rules test results can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the Report ( Reports) The output, produce inspection result report; Another kind is the OnLine inspection, is in the process of wiring for PCB test electrical and wiring rules. PCB PCB design rules, including electrical, wiring, rules of layout, high-speed circuit design rules, signal integrity, etc. Through the study of this chapter, have a detailed understanding about the design of the circuit board rules, lays the foundation for the production performance and efficient PCB circuit boards.
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