helpful ghost hands teach beginners how to build new things

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-31
The first day on the assembly line?
Keep your eyes on the Devils and you will do a good job.
A device developed by Fujitsu Laboratories in Kanagawa, Japan, can train beginners by projecting expert hands into their own hands.
Overhead projectors display videos of both hands performing specific tasks, with explanatory text and outlines of important objects or schematic diagrams displayed next to them.
The virtual button projected on the work surface allows the user to pause the video and play back the video if they want to review what they missed.
To test the system, the team asked 16 people to make a printed circuit board with Lego bricks.
Half of the virtual hand guide Group;
The rest watched a normal video of someone assembling bricks.
Those who use virtual hands are on average able to complete tasks in less than half of the other eight.
They also said they could remember the steps better.
The results were released earlier this month at a smart user interface meeting in Sonoma, California.
\"In less than half of the time, the task was completed by a virtual hand-directed person\" the Fujitsu team now plans to test the prototype with real workers on the assembly line.
Augmented reality technology will soon be widely used to help people get their jobs done better.
Now there are tools to help make complex machines like airplanes and investigate crime scenes.
Blair McIntyre, who works on augmented reality at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, says the idea of virtual hand guidance is compelling.
\"Even if you know what you\'re doing, the expert\'s gestures will give you tips on how to handle the task.
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