feeling lucky? buyers warned to expect massive shortages of apple\'s $999 iphone x

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-10
Customers who want to buy the iPhone X when it goes public in November 3 have been warned that there will be a huge shortage.
Apple is facing production problems with the phone, with a leading analyst claiming the company could have only 2 million phones available for sale when it went to market in November 3.
Although Apple did not release its first weekend sales data for the last few phones, the company sold 13 million iPhone 6 s on its first weekend.
On October 27, Apple said today that from Monday, October 23, customers of the iPhone upgrade program will be able to pre-
By getting the pre-order process
Loan approved for IPhone Upgrade Program.
Apple started notifying customers of the option this morning through its website and notifications in the Apple Store app.
It is widely reported that Apple is working hard to produce a new iPhone X phone, which is reported to have several production problems with the 3D camera used to recognize faces.
However, the latest report says the company should have \"2-
The 3 m mobile phone is being released, and the production bottleneck will be cleared by November.
In a new analyst report from KGI today, Ming-
Guo Zhiguang said that although multiple components hinder the \"maximum damage\" of iPhone X shipments is actually a flexible printed circuit board for antenna systems. He expects 2-
The 3 million iPhone X will be available at launch.
9to5Mac said that on the good side, Guo believes that the production of 3D sensors and circuit boards will increase rapidly in November, which will enable Apple to increase supply to eager consumers.
According to Japan\'s Nikkei Asia Review, the company\'s suppliers are still working to improve the manufacture of the iPhone X\'s TrueDepth camera and 3D facial recognition system.
Jeff Pu, Taipei analyst-
The problems could mean that Apple will face a bigger shortage of flagship phones than previously thought, according to Yuanda Investment Consulting.
He moved his forecast for iPhone X production this year from 40 million units to 36 million units.
According to several reports, this is the second time he revised his estimate, with an estimated total of 45 million earlier this year.
Than the \"Juliet\" module is called the \"Romeo\" module.
According to The Wall Street Journal, a person said that the problem of \"romeo\" involves the complexity of assembling various components into modules.
Both said it meant that there was not enough \"Romeo\" to meet the number of \"Juliet\" at hand, although one said that the Romeo assembly process is now going well.
However, Pu believes the iPhone X will still enter mass production in the medium term.
It began shipping from China to the first launch countries in October. iPhone X pre-
Orders are scheduled to start on Friday, October 27 and the equipment will be officially released on Friday, November 3.
Earlier this month, the latest forecast from Ming
KGI saysApple\'s Chi Kuo is still unable to make enough phones because there are technical problems with the front TrueDepth camera it uses to scan faces.
The company lowered its forecast for iPhone X shipments in 2017 to 30-
Due to these problems, an increase of 35 million units from the previously estimated 40 million units.
However, even if the initial production difficulties, Guo wrote, the prospect of 2018
IPhone growth of 2019 is still positive.
Android devices could now be 1, he added. 5-2.
Apple is five years behind in matching its TrueDepth camera experience.
Last week, the final specs that were missed when Apple\'s siphone X was launched with great fanfare could be inadvertently leaked, thanks to Chinese bureaucratic documents.
Official documents seem to reveal the battery life, ram and CPU speed of the upcoming flagship phone.
The leak indicates that the iPhone X will be equipped with a 2,715 mAh battery and 3 gb RAM.
In contrast, the iPhone 8 has a battery capacity of 1,821 and the iPhone 8 Plus has a battery capacity of 2,675.
Apple is not active enough to reveal details of the new device\'s hardware, so these files provide tempting clues to hardcore fans.
These details are disclosed in an electronic document submitted to the telecom equipment certification center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (TENAA).
It is believed that the additional battery capacity is designed to \"structural depth-for new handheld devices-
A new face recognition system is implemented and a dual camera is set up.
At a conference in California earlier this month, Apple said X\'s battery life would be two hours longer than the previous model.
The Tenaa documentation also appears to confirm that the RAM capacity of the iPhone X is 3 GB, slightly higher than the 2 GB reported by the iPhone 8.
The A11 Bionic CPU chip of the device is also locked in 2.
According to Apple Insider, 4 GHz.
Renownedleaker Steve Hemmerstoffer shared this information with the tech community through a tweet posted at 8: 00. 12 am BST (3. 12 am ET)this morning.
Using his @ onleaks handle, he said: \"For those who care about 2, Tenaa has just confirmed that the iPhone comes with 3 gb of RAM showing that the battery is 2716 mAh.
After months of anticipation, Apple finally launched
In September 12, the iPhone X launched the \"anniversary\" phone. The $999 (£999 in the UK)
IPhone X features edgeto-
Edge display with a richer color and Face recognition software called Face ID, allows the user to unlock the phone without the need for a fingerprint reader or a physical home button.
Apple CEO Tim Cook landed on the stage of Steve Jobs Theater on Apple\'s new Apple Park \"spaceship\" campus --
Widely regarded as the final product of Jobs\'s design, he died in 2011.
Tim Cook presented several new devices throughout the demo, launching the much-anticipated iPhone X (
IPhone ten).
\"We won\'t stop there, we have one more thing,\" Cook said.
For years, our team has been working hard for the future of smartphones.
\"Now, ten years later, we are here, on this day, paving the way for the next ten years of technology, and that\'s the right thing to do.
A video later showed that the iPhone X was running.
Phil Schiller, Apple\'s senior vice president of global marketing, explained: \"It\'s full screen, looks beautiful and incredible.
There was never something like it.
On a micro level, the iPhone will be dust-proof and waterproof.
The IPhone X has a brand new display called the Super Retina display \".
\"On the diagonal line, it is shown as 5.
8 inch, over 2 million pixels
The IPhone has the highest resolution and pixel density ever.
It also features an OLED display.
Schiller said: \"The key to this technology is --
Easier to use and more intuitive.
\"With the phone, the user can raise the phone to wake up, or click on the screen to wake up --
Because Apple has given up the home button.
Now, in order to reach the home screen, the user now slides up from the bottom of the screen.
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