biometric ‘security’ now useless as crooks can now easily copy your fingerprints, voice or even face, expert warns

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-23
The biometric security used by millions of Britons in online banking and other mobile apps can easily be high
Internet experts warn that technology cheats.
Due to defects highlighted by security experts, services including fingerprints, facial recognition and speech recognition are actually more vulnerable to hacking than originally thought, and these defects may be used by cyber criminals.
Some banks have introduced biometric security solutions such as HSBC voice ID and MasterCard \"selfie payment\", allowing customers to make mobile payments through photos.
Many smartphones now also use fingerprint recognition instead of password recognition.
But a former GCHQ technical expert revealed that hackers can crack biometric measures by imitating fingerprints, sounds and faces.
Matt Lewis, research director at NCC, a cyber security consulting firm, revealed how hackers use wood glue, candles and printed circuit boards to make copies of fingerprints. Voice-
By getting a recording of the victim\'s voice and then playing it to crack the phone, it can trick recognition.
Facial recognition can be cracked by creating a 3D printed mask using photos of the victim\'s face.
\"Biometric technology is not the same as passwords,\" Matt said.
This is not a secret.
\"You need other factors to prevent fraud.
\"BBVA, Spain, launched a service this week that allows customers to open accounts by taking selfies and making video calls through their mobile phones.
Other banks have asked customers to check balances and pay bills by talking to Amazon\'s new voice assistant product Alexa.
At present, organized crime groups have made so much money from passwords.
They have not yet focused on biometric security.
But David fabridge, head of the Network and Space front at KMPG and the Ministry of Defense, said: \"Over time, they will begin to spend more time studying biometric identity
According to the UK fraud operation, British customers and financial institutions lost 750 pounds last year due to fraud.
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