The silk screen printing of circuit board factory

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-02
Circuit board manufacturers solder mask is a thin layer of lacquer polymer, usually used in printed circuit board ( PCB) The copper trace, in order to prevent oxidation and prevent the formation of welding between closely spaced vias bridge. Solder mask is not always used for manual welding components, but for the use of reflow soldering or welding bath technology of automatic welding production circuit board factory ( Dongguan PCB factory) Plate is indispensable, and it is traditionally a green, but there are many colors to choose from. The following process for screen printing technology, is as follows: 1, the surface cleaning: with alcohol cleaning besmirch on the surface of the organic glass screen printing press. 2, fixed screen: the screen box fixed on the silk screen printing machine, tighten with a fixed knob. 3, preliminary positioning: adjust the position of the circuit board factory PCB hole location on the PCB and the corresponding position of the hole on silk screen frame. 4, slightly adjust the position: open the para light source, position adjustment X/Y/Z direction PCB, circuit board factory, Dongguan PCB factory) On the PCB design are in complete accord with silk screen frame design. 5, scratch ink: circuit board factory, Dongguan PCB factory) Staff in the graphics evenly coated with a layer of the area of screen printing ink, knife in one hand, another hand on the screen, and then scrape by using 45 scraper. Screen printing is a printing technology, which use the mesh will ink transferred to the substrate, in addition to block template to make ink impermeable area. Print one color at a time, so the circuit board factory, Dongguan PCB factory) You can use multiple screen to generate multicolor image or design.
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