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by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-19
The PCB occupied by electronic components is a PCB assembly.In addition to the simplest and most basic electronic equipment for commercial production, pcb is almost all used.In general, PCB is a cheap and highly reliable component.
They require more layout and manufacturing efforts than wire packaging or point-to-point structures, higher initial costs and costs, but they are cheaper and faster for mass production.Complete automation of PCB assembly and manufacturing.Most electronics industry PCB design, PCB assembly, and quality control requirements are set by standards published by IPC organizations.
PCB is an electronic device with a variety of mechanical and electrical uses for a variety of electronic components.PCB manufacturing dates back to the first decades of the last century, gaining popularity and demand during World War II.It is considered a very complex and detailed process for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly.
There are various ways to make printed circuit boards, which are used in different places, but the basic method usually used is a two-sided flexible circuit board.The process takes the preparation of the substrate that leads to the drilling and plating holes as the initial condition, according to the pre-Determine the design and pattern.Other steps include the melting of tinLead, Seal, cut panel, and finally install assembly.
Packaging is one of the mandatory steps in which the PCB is packed, transported and protected in plastic bags to prevent PCB wear and damage.In addition, one of the important measures is the quality inspection of safety measures, including environmental tests, to determine their performance in high temperature and humidity conditions.After the PCB circuit program is completed, the entire assembly needs to be connected to form a functional PCB assembly.
In various types of PCB assemblies, component leads are connected to the board in an electrical and mechanical manner.It is attached to the plate with the help of a molten metal solder.Various welding techniques are used in the accessories of PCB components.
While skilled technicians are employed to weld very tiny parts by hand under a microscope, the machine is placed for mass production and bulk wave soldering or reflow.Sometimes, in a single PCB assembly, the mounting structure through holes and surfaces is combined, because some are required components and can only be used in surface mounting packages, while others can only be used throughhole packages.Withstand physical pressure and provide the required strength for the parts actually used.
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