PCB manufacturer: teach you how to judge of the circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-04
With the development of electronics, communications industry such as high speed, at the same time also prompted the growing amount of PCB circuit board industry and the rapid growth, layer number of circuit boards of electronic components for people, material, color, weight, precision, reliability and so on demand more and more high. Double-sided circuit board module binding but because the market price competition is intense, PCB material cost is rising trend, more and more manufacturers in order to enhance the core competitiveness, to monopolize a market at a low price. Behind these very low prices, however, is to reduce material cost and the cost of the production process to achieve, but components are usually prone to crack, Cracks) , easy to scratch, ( Or scratch) Comprehensive factors such as, its precision, the performance is not standard, the serious influence to use in the weldability and reliability of the products and so on. In the face of a variety of PCB circuit boards on the market, can distinguish PCB circuit board is good or bad from two aspects; The first method is to judge from appearance to points, on the other hand is judged from the PCB itself quality specification requirements. To judge a good PCB method: first, visually distinguish the stand or fall of circuit boards, in general, PCB circuit board appearance can through three aspects to analyze the judgment; 1, the size and the thickness of the standard rules. On the standard circuit board PCB thickness is different, the size of the customer can be measured to check according to the thickness of the products and specifications. 2, light and color. External circuit board has ink coverage, circuit board can have the effect of insulation, if the board of the color is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good. 3, weld appearance. Circuit board due to parts is more, if welding is not good, parts easy to fall off the circuit board, seriously affect the welding quality of circuit board, good appearance, identify carefully, it is very important to interface a little bit stronger. Second, the high quality PCB circuit boards need to comply with the following requirements 1, components installed after confidential phone works, namely the electrical connections to conform to the requirements; 2, who is not easy to fall off under high temperature; 3, no additional electromagnetic radiation; 4, the surface mechanical properties should conform to the requirements of the installation; 5, and high temperature, high humidity and special environment should also be within the scope of the consideration; 6, copper surface is not easy oxidation, influence on the speed of installation, with broken soon after oxidation; 7, line width of lines, thick line, the line is apart from the requirements, in order to avoid line fever, open circuit and short circuit; 8, shape without deformation, in order to avoid the shell deformation after installation, screw hole misalignment. Are now mechanized installation, PCB hole location and circuit and the design of deformation error should be within permitted range.
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