How to use color to judge the surface of the PCB circuit board process

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-29
With the rapid development of electronic technology, PCB circuit board process requirement of each industry is different, such as cell phones and computers in the circuit board, with gold with copper. So the waste circuit board recycling price, can reach more than 30 yuan per kilogram. Is more expensive than sell paper, glass, iron on a lot. Rocket PCBpcb circuit board manufacturers of small make up to introduce to tell you how to understand the surface of the PCB technology, the single from the outside, there are three main forms of the outer part of the circuit board color: gold, silver, light red. Gold is the most expensive, silver is cheap, the cheapest lighter kind of red. You can see from the color, hardware manufacturers have to cut corners, in addition, the inside of the circuit board line mainly is pure copper, if exposed to air is easy to oxidation, outer must have the protective layer. Some people say that golden color is copper, it is not right. Double-sided circuit boards goldfinger golden add plating hole: the circuit boards of large area gold-plated/gold gold is the most expensive, is real gold. Although only a thin layer, but also nearly 10% of the cost of the circuit board. Guangdong and fujian coastal special buy waste circuit board, in some places the gold peel, very profitable. Why use gold, there are two purposes, one is for the convenience of welding, 2 it is for corrosion resistance. Below that piece of memory goldfinger, eight years ago is still a glittering, if in copper, aluminum, iron, rust can't use the early. Gold-plated layer of a large number of applications in the circuit board components welding plate, goldfinger, connector position such as shrapnel. If you find some circuit boards are all silver, it must be cut corners. The industry term is 'costdown'. Mobile phone PCB board are mostly gold-plated board, heavy gold plate, computer motherboards, acoustics and small digital circuit board is generally not gold-plated board. Eight years ago, the memory bank of gold finger. Eight years ago, the memory bank of gold finger Phone X of the circuit board, all gilded exposed parts. Silver gold is gold, silver is silver? Of course not, is tin. Spray silver tin PCB board called spray tin plate. In outer spray a layer of tin copper circuit welding can also help. But you can't like gold to provide long-term contact reliability. Tin plate, won't make any difference for welded components, but for a long exposure to the air pad, the reliability is not enough, such as ground socket welding plate, contacts, etc. Long-term use of easy oxidation corrosion, resulting in poor contact. Small digital products of the circuit board, is no exception, are to spray tin plate. Only one reason: the cheap small digital products like lighter red with spray tin plate, miner's lamp thermoelectric separation of copper substrate OSP, organic welding film. Because it is organic, not metal, so even cheaper than tin process. The only function of this layer of organic thin films is to ensure that the inner layer copper foil will not be oxidation before welding. A heat welding, the membrane will evaporate. Solder can be welded copper wire and components together. But it is not corrosion, a piece of circuit board, OSP exposed to the air ten days, can't welded components. Computer motherboard has many USES the OSP process. Because board area is too big, can't afford to use gold plating.
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