Flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit board is what mean

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-26
Printed circuit board according to the materials can be divided into rigid PCB and flexible printed circuit board. Rigid PCB with phenolic paper laminated sheet, epoxy laminated paper, polyester glass mat laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet. Flexible printed circuit board is also called the flexible printed circuit board or FPC flexible circuit boards, flexible circuit board is polyimide or polyester film base material made of a kind of high reliability and high curved around the printed circuit board. This circuit board, good heat dissipation can be bending, folding, scratched, and can move in a three-dimensional space and scale. Available FPC reduced volume, lightweight, miniaturization, thin, so as to realize integration element device and wire connection. FPC flexible circuit boards are widely used in computers, communications, aerospace and electronics industries. Characteristics of flexible circuit board: ( 1) Low cost. ( 2) The continuity of processing. ( 3) FPC is advantageous to the thermal diffusion. ( 4) FPC small volume, light weight. ( 5) FPC moving, bending, torsion. ( 6) FPC three links can be installed. ( 7) FPC assembly with high reliability and assembly operation. ( 8) FPC flexible circuit board has excellent electric properties, dielectric properties and heat resistance. Six layers FPC PCB flexible circuit board product features: soft plate is made of flexible insulating substrate printed circuit, has the many advantages of rigid printed circuit board does not have. Products small size, light weight, greatly reduce device volume, suitable for electronic products to high density, miniaturization, lightweight, thin, and the needs of the development of highly reliable direction. With high flexural resistance, can be bent freely, winding, torsion, folding, stereo wiring, in accordance with the spatial layout for any arrangement, change shape, and any move and scale in three dimensional space, so as to achieve component assembly and wires connect integration. It has excellent electric properties, high temperature resistant, flame retardant. Chemical stability, good stability and high reliability. Have a higher assembly reliability, convenience is provided for the circuit design, and can sharply decrease the assembly work, and easy to guarantee the performance of the circuit, so the cost reduction. By using the method of reinforcing material to increase its strength, in order to obtain additional mechanical stability. A combination of hard and soft design is also to a certain extent, make up for the flexible base material in the component on the carrying capacity of slightly less than. Rigid circuit board characteristics: high density. More than 100 years, with high density PCB can enhance integrated circuit integration and installation technology progress and development. Can be productive. Adopt modern management, standardization, scale can be ( The amount) , automatic production, ensure product quality consistency. High reliability. Through a series of inspection, test and aging test can ensure the PCB (for a long time Use, general for 20 years) While working in a reliable way. Testability. Established a relatively complete test method, test standard, all kinds of test equipment and instruments to detect and identify PCB products eligibility and service life. Can design. For the various performance (PCB Electrical, physical, chemical, machinery, etc. ) Requirements, can be done by design standardization and normalization of PCB design, time is short, high efficiency. Rigid circuit board: electronic equipment adopts the PCB, due to the consistency of the same kind of PCB, so as to avoid the artificial connection error, and can realize automatic instrumentation or SMT electronic components, automatic soldering, automatic detection, ensure the quality of the electronic equipment, improve the labor productivity, reduces the cost, and easy maintenance. Flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit board difference: rigid circuit boards and flexible circuit board before both similarities, at the same time there is a difference. For the flexible circuit board, rigid circuit board application more widely, because earlier rigid circuit board, so most of the rigid circuit board design element has been used in the design of the flexible circuit board, so rigid PCB and flexible printed circuit board before there is a difference between how? 1, flexibility: rigid circuit board of flexibility is no match for the flexible circuit board, of course, for a lot of bending cycle, flexible circuit board has a better performance. 2, shape. Under the condition of the general will choose the rectangle, can very good save base material, near the edges should be adequate freedom. If pointed angles may cause the tear of the plate. Therefore smaller conductor width and spacing should minimize as much as possible, must be a smooth transition as possible. Angle can make natural concentrated stress, cause line fault. 3, current-carrying capacity of the wire: relative to the rigid circuit board, the heat dissipation performance of flexible circuit board relatively close, so must provide enough wire width. Due to considering the heat dissipation problem of flexible circuit boards, it is need to traverse the extra width or spacing.
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