Fiber optic circuit board technology ability

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-13

A, product definition optical circuit board is also called photoelectric products, known as optical products application range communication distance signal transmission. Second, the product properties, fiber optic circuit board ultra small plate (1 3 - 5 cm square) ; 2, high precision fiber optic circuit board small board packaging IC, part of the high-level and buried blind hole even HDI ( Huawei 5 g product part HDI second order) 。 Talk about the second order HDI design; 3, attached to the shape and tolerance, fixed iron shell, small card is not tight, big place not in. ( Some companies controlled by tertiary standard, huawei standard higher than the level 3 standard) ; 4 and the PCB optical fiber plate gold finger length. Three, fiber optic circuit board commonly used plate and 1 of accessories, conventional FR - 4 fiberglass PCB, for many years the old version used; 2, M6 plank, now updated version part use; 3, Rogers, high signal frequency with more, especially the huawei's products. Fiber optic circuit board four difficult points and the Rocket PCB factory, the production process. 1, optical fiber circuit board shape is complex, high cost ( Outsourcing cost about 4 square centimeters) — — Rocket PCB circuit has a shape process outsourcing; 2, small batch, small drill high operating costs ( Mold factory batch demanding) Quantity is too small, large quantities of factory is not valued - — Rocket PCB circuit are 6 axis of drilling machine; 3, high cosmetic requirements. Don't let it false copper plug hole must be full, gold surface can not have scratches. — — Jack is full, heavy gold processing profession; 4, high dimension accuracy requirement, the equipment must be good, Otherwise it don't fit, or loose) — — The new shape machine 20 units; 5, line precision demand is high, there must be a stable data transmission. — — LDI machine; 6, quantity, customer complaint is frequent, high return is frequent, business service requirements ( Proficient in technology, understand the process, can quickly solve the problem) Very high demand, 8 d post aftersale cooperate. Above for Rocket circuit board PCB circuit, optical fiber technology skills, if necessary, in short, if you want to find a manufacturer of circuit board is very easy, but to find a fiber board to do good multilayer circuit board factory is really not easy, because of the high fiber board requirements, complex shape, etc. , just Rocket PCB circuit is specializing in the production of fiber board, welcome to contact if necessary.                                

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