federal charges filed against nyc, n.j. bombing suspect

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Federal authorities accused New York City and New Jersey of carrying out several federal attacks on suspects Tuesday night, including the use of weapons of mass destruction and the bombing of public places, CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid reported.
Ahmed Khan Rahami, 28, was detained for $5.
2 million of the bail was also charged with the attempted murder of police in a shootout that led him to arrest outside a bar in Lyndon, New Jersey on Monday.
Over the weekend, explosions in New York City and seaside towns in New Jersey injured 29 people.
The authorities are still reviewing possible terrorism allegations.
Details of Ahmed Khan Rahami\'s early years of life Reid reports that four federal allegations have been filed in New York City, including: use of weapons of mass destruction, bomb public places, destroy property through fire, explosion and use of destructive devices during the implementation of violent crimes.
Terrorism in the United StatesS.
Police convicted of trying to help ISIS seek a reduced sentence
Truck attack near D. C.
The CIA considers potential truth serum in the analysis of terror suspects: the single issue still poses a huge threat to the United StatesS.
The US Department of Homeland Security has done more in terrorism. S.
Reid reports that in addition to four federal charges in New York, Rahami is now facing six federal charges in New Jersey.
According to court documents, between June 20, 2016 and 2016, eBay user \"ahmad rahimi\" purchased several items described by FBI investigators as used to improve explosives, including the Citric Acid USP/food grade 5 pound package, \"perfect for bath bombs and candy making.
In addition, the \"10 PCS prototype printed PCB Printed Circuit Board Prototype Breadboard\" and the fireworks launch system electric ignition display Project, Reid reports.
The FBI investigated Rahami two years ago. -
Nothing shocking. -
Law enforcement officials said earlier on Tuesday that after his father expressed concerns that his son might be a terrorist.
During the investigation, the father gave up remarks about terrorism and told investigators that he simply said his son was with the wrong crowd, including gang members, officials said,
Is Ahmed Khan Rahami linked to a terrorist organization?
Three law enforcement officials said that in any case, the FBI checked its database and other sources and ended in a few weeks without seeing any association with Rahamito terrorism
Also on Tuesday, investigators revealed that when Rahami was shot and captured, he carried a notebook with him containing a bomb.
A blood-stained part contains a pair of Anwaral-
Olaki, in the United States
The born priest, who was killed in 2011 drone attacks, inspired other acts of violence by his preaching, the former officer of the deadly shooting in hothenburg, Nidal Hassan, Texas, in 2009
CBS press and homeland security correspondent Jeff peeger reports that both evidence contains written rant that he is a consumer of a variety of radical ideologies from several different terrorist groups.
According to the threeS.
Law enforcement officers, Rahami\'s law enforcement work mentions Osama bin Laden and the United States
Born jihad Pastor AnwarAwlaki. According to U. S.
In his article, law enforcement officials mentioned bombs on the streets and shooting at the police due to Western oppression.
He also wrote pipe bombs and cooker bombs on the street.
He also mentioned hope for a peaceful life.
Bomb rock New York, New YorkJ.
26 photos of US President RahamiS.
Afghan-born citizens were still hospitalized Tuesday for leg, forearm and shoulder gunshot wounds, authorities said.
Federal agents tried to challenge Rahami at the hospital. But Rep.
Tom MacArthurN. J.
He received a confidential briefing from the FBI saying Rahami did not cooperate.
The congressman said he did not know if Rahami had a lawyer.
Investigators are investigating overseas travel in Rahami, including a visit to Pakistan a few years ago, and are wondering if she has received any money or training from extremist organizations.
A law enforcement officer confirmed to CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that Ahmed Rahami\'s wife\'s name was Bibi Rahami in Asia.
Born on 1991 in Kabul, Afghanistan.
She has been in contact with the authorities.
The source told CBS News that she was working together.
According to officials, Rahami\'s father, Mohammed Rahami, spoke to the FBI after the young Rahami was accused of stabbing his brother on 2014, and they were not authorized to discuss the investigation, and reported to the Associated Press anonymously.
Rahami was not prosecuted for holding a knife.
The grand jury refused to sue him.
Bomb rock New York, New YorkJ.
Rahami\'s father told reporters outside a store on Tuesday
A chicken restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, he called the FBI at the time because Rahami \"did a really bad job\", stabbed his brother and hit his mother.
\"But they checked it for almost two months and they said, \'he\'s fine, he knows very well that he\'s not a terrorist.
\"Now they say he\'s a terrorist,\" the father said . \"
When asked if he thought his son was a terrorist, he said, \"No.
The FBI knows that too.
\"The disclosure of the father\'s contact with the FBI raises questions about whether there are more law enforcement officers who can use the time to determine whether Rahami has a terrorist wish.
Ahmed Rahami\'s father: I warned the FBI about my son\'s problem, which came after the Orlando massacre in June, when FBI Director James Comey said, A few years ago but did not find enough information to sue him or investigate him.
In the case of Rahami, law enforcement officials said that FBIhad opened up an \"assessment\", the most non-invasive form of the FBIinquiry investigation.
The guidelines of the Ministry of Justice limit the types of actions that an agent may take;
For example, if they do not get a higher level of approval or give more reasons for suspicion, they cannot log the phone.
The bureau said in a statement: \"On August 2014, the FBI launched an assessment of ofAhmad Rahami based on comments made by his father following a domestic dispute, which was subsequently reported to the authorities
\"The FBI conducted internal database reviews, inter-agency inspections and multiple interviews, but did not disclose the relationship with terrorism.
\"New details have emerged about the history of the suspect in the bomb. The FBI statement does not know how the contact between elders Rahami and the FBI began.
He is also unclear about his son\'s horror.
In 2011, young Rahami served as an unarmed night guard for two months at the Associated Press administrative technology office in Cranbury, New Jersey.
At that time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.
Associated Press global security chief Danny spiriggs said he learned this week that Rahami worked night shifts in the Associated Press building, often holding long-term political discussions with colleagues and expressing sympathy for the Taliban,S.
Military operations in Afghanistan
Spiriggs said Rahami left office in 11 years because he wanted to travel to Afghanistan.
AP spokesman Paul Colford said the Associated Press told law enforcement officers about Rahami\'s work at the Cranbury factory.
DanielSepulveda, vice president of security services at Summit, said that Rahami last worked for the company in 2011 and he left his job because he wanted to extend his holiday, but it was with him.
Sepulveda won\'t discuss where Rahami still has a security mission, but he says he doesn\'t know of any complaints about his behavior.
He says he has all the licenses required by New Jersey law.
The FBI\'s assistant director for New York, William eney, said on Monday that Rahami was apparently not found by the FBI\'s radar at the time of the explosion.
Afghan intelligence officials are also unaware of eitherRahami or his family.
Head of the Afghan National Security Agency.
The investigation began on Saturday morning when a pipe bomb exploded at the Waterfront Park in New Jersey.
No one was injured.
Then shrapnel. Packaging pressure-
On Saturday night, a cooker exploded in the west end of New York, injuring 29 people.
Unexploded pressure
Found a cooker bomb a few blocks away.
Late Sunday night, five explosive devices were found in the trash can at Elizabeth railway station.
MacArthur said photographs and forensic evidence linked all incidents to Rahami.
Rahami provided investigators with numerous clues that led to his arrest only 50 hours after the first explosion, including fingerprints and DNA at the scene of the Manhattan explosion and clear monitoring --
According to tolaw law enforcement officials, there were photos of his face near the scene of the explosion.
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