box office: the lion king rules, endgame scores all-time record

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-18
If you have any questions, 2019 of the box office belongs to Walt Disney.
This weekend is over.
Its realistic remake of The Lion King not only devours the open weekend record for July, but also PG-
But the Avengers: the end also climbed from Avatar to become the highest movie --
The most popular movie in history
The film company estimated on Sunday that the Lion King was released at 4,725 North American theaters this weekend, with a staggering $0. 185 billion in box office revenue.
While Jon fafro\'s comments on reshooting 1994 animated films are mixed, viewers still hear-
List the voice actors from Beyonce to Donald Glover to see the innovative technologies that make this film possible.
\"We had a spectacular run this weekend,\" said Catherine Taff, president of Disney\'s distribution . \".
\"We really know we have something special (\"Lion King \")
Considering how popular it is among fans of all ages.
Industry experts believe that the opening of the \"Lion King\" is $0. 15 billion, but it turns out that the forecast is too mild.
On the contrary, Disney received some bragging records for $0. 185 billion:
The largest opening in history, the record of July (
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2and a PG-rating record (
Take over from Superman 2.
This is the second time this year that the Disney brand has been overwhelmed by the tepid key response.
Aladdin is still in the top 10 after 9 weeks of release and has earned $0. 989 billion worldwide.
\"Certain brands have so much goodwill and equity,\" said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore . \".
\"Comments are obviously not important at all.
A week ago, The Lion King opened in China, accumulating more than $0. 531 billion in just 10 days.
The audience also used large format and 3D technology for the event movie: 36% of them came from 3D screenings and $25.
2 million from IMAX.
This is just the latest in a string of wins that Disney has won, and the company currently has five of the top six this year.
Even this weekend\'s chart is obvious.
Five weeks later, Toy Story 4 was still missing.
Added $14. 6 million (behind “Spider-
Male: far from home \", fell to second place at $21 million on the third weekend).
The box office of Pixar\'s sequel has reached $859.
4 million worldwide.
Aladdin was ranked seventh for $3. 8 million.
Then there is the \"Avengers: The End\", which is not in the top 10, but it doesn\'t matter. With $1.
This weekend, the world added 5 million, more than \"Avatar\"
Do not consider the time record of inflation.
Avatar is $2 at the box office.
Ranked 789 billion in the world, the current \"Avengers: ending\" price is $2. 79 billion.
\"It was finally done,\" Taff said . \".
\"This is a great achievement.
Kevin Figg, president of Marvel film, thinks this is a yes.
Comedy in San Diego on Saturday nightCon.
\"You must shout --out to Mr.
James Cameron has long maintained the title, \"said Figg.
\"If you adjust for inflation, he still has the title and he may get it again once he launches another movie.
But now. . .
Avengers: The end is the biggest movie ever.
Helped knock for a year this weekend-to-
Date deficit from 9. 1% to 7. 2%.
\"This is the benefit that Disney\'s first big appearance will bring to the box office,\" Dergarabedian said . \".
\"You have to give some credit to those who are doing very well, like \'Yesterday \'.
But it\'s just a great weekend for the industry and definitely a chance to take a shot.
\"Expected ticket sales in the United States from Friday to SundayS.
According to Comscore, there is also the Canadian theater.
If any, it also includes the latest international data from Friday to Sunday.
Final domestic data will be released on Monday. 1.
The Lion King for $0. 185 billion \". 2. “Spider-
Man: It\'s far from home, \"$21 million. 3.
Toy Story 4 for $14. 6 million. 4.
\"Crawling\", $6 million. 5. Yesterday, $5. 1 million. 6.
\"Stuber\" for $4 million \". 7. “Aladdin,” $3. 8 million. 8.
\"Annabel\'s home,\" $2. 7 million. 9. $1 \"Midsommar \". 6 million. 10.
\"Secret Life of pet 2\", $1. 5 million.
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