bizarre \'ball\' airship can pick up and drop off deliveries using an artificial tongue

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-08
While many tech companies are developing drones to ship goods, one company believes a giant ball might be more appropriate.
Free processing is an area.
Shape autonomous vehicles filled with helium can use \"tongue\" to suck away objects.
The company says it can pick up and drop items up to 400g.
Scroll down to view the video and think the system is able to react independently to the surrounding environment, \"already meeting a possible standard for future workplaces \".
This technology combines the emotional field of Festo\'s Bionic Learning Network, the flight field with a camera system, and the flexible shape ripper that can handle different problems
A forming object.
Crawling and flying has always been a topic for the Bionic Learning Network, the company\'s website says.
For the first time, Festo has combined the two areas.
\"Indoor flying objects can maneuver independently in any direction, picking and dropping items independently where needed.
\"The processing system of indoor flyers consists of a super
Light carbon rings of eight adaptive propellers.
A rotatable helium ball is wrapped in the middle of the structure, which is connected to the grab mechanism.
Speaking of a technology created two years ago, the company said flying helium balls themselves are a further development in the emotional field.
\"The knowledge gained from the work of BioniOpter is used in the design of the propeller.
\"The developer took the wing principle of the artificial dragonfly further and transferred it to the drive, which is now also used for free motion handling.
Carbon rings in the middle of the sphere have printed circuit boards, integrated wireless technology, online
Board sensors, rotors, and steering drives for ReportsGizmag.
It uses an adaptive drive system to push itself in the direction of rotation and crater to achieve \"dynamic flight behavior in all spatial directions \".
Free motion treatment consists of an inflatable sphere with a diameter of 54, a rotor
Ring of package like chameleon\'s tongue and flexible holder.
The gripper is based on the working principle of the chameleon tongue, basically helium-
A filling film sleeve that wraps itself around an object up to 400g (. 09 pounds).
Before pumping with helium, the weight of the flyer was only 3 pounds, but the addition of helium gave itthe-
Air weight of 50g.
In order to get from one place to another, the free handling and indoor tracking system of 10 infrared cameras is used.
These cameras collect information about the position of the sphere by taking 160 frames per second, which is sent back to the master computer of analysis 3.
7 billion pixels per second.
\"There are two cameras for detecting objects: one on the holder and the other on the coat.
The system can recognize objects without manual operation, which is done by saving a large number of images of different sizes, views and light conditions.
It uses six rechargeable batteries for about 40 minutes each time.
Like the human brain, the computer can connect each experience value, generate a coherent whole image, and then use it to extract the key features of the object in question, Mr. Festo said.
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