There are ten PCB cooling method

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-27
PCB cooling method should have ten! PCB cooling is a very important link, what is the PCB cooling techniques, produced by Rocket PCB manufacturer below small make up are introduced one by one to you. Heat 1, through the PCB itself is widely used in PCB plank is copper clad glass cloth/epoxy glass cloth substrate or phenolic resin base material, and use small amounts of paper-based copper clad plate. Although these PCB base material has excellent electrical properties and processing properties, but poor heat dissipation, as the cooling way of high heating elements, almost can't count on resin conduction of heat by the PCB itself, but rather from the surface of the electronic components into the surrounding air cooling. Double-sided printed circuit board ( PCB circuit boards) But as the electronic products have entered the miniaturization, high density mounting, high-risk thermalization assembly era, if only by surface area is very small components surface heat dissipation is very not enough. At the same time because of QFP, BGA, such as use of surface mount components, components of heat generated in large quantities to the PCB, therefore, the best way to solve the heat dissipation is to improve the direct contact with heating elements of PCB's own cooling capacity, go out or send out via PCB conduction. 2, for the adoption of free convection air cooling equipment, it is best to integrated circuits ( Or other devices) According to the running order, or arranged by horizontal length. 3, heat dissipation is realized by using rational walk line design as the thermal conductivity of resin in the circuit board is poor, and copper foil line and hole is a good conductor of heat, and thus improve the copper foil remaining rate and increase the thermal conductivity is a major means of cooling holes. Thermal capacity evaluation of PCB, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is called for various composite materials composed of various materials of PCB to calculated using the equivalent coefficient of thermal conductivity of insulating substrate. 4, high heating device and the radiator, heat conducting plate (when there are a few devices calorific value in the PCB Less than 3) , can add on heating device or heat pipe radiator, when the temperature is not come down, can be used with a fan radiator, in order to enhance heat dissipation effect. When the amount of heating device is large ( More than 3) Heat shield, can use big ( Board) , it is according to the location of the heating device on PCB board and high and low and customized special radiator or on a large flat panel radiator pluck out the components of different high and low position. The radiator cover whole buckle on the components, contact with each element and heat dissipation. But due to the high and low consistency when components fabrication is poor, the cooling effect is not good. Usually add soft thermal phase change heat conduction pad on the surface of the components to improve the heat dissipation effect. 5, on the same piece of printed circuit board device should as far as possible according to the calorific value of the size and degree of heat partition, calorific value is small or poor heat resistance devices, Such as small signal transistor, small-scale integrated circuit, electrolytic capacitors, etc. ) The best on the cooling air flow ( The entrance) , calorific value and good heat resistance devices, Such as power transistor, large scale integrated circuit, etc. ) The most downstream on the cooling air flow. 6, on the horizontal direction, high power devices as far as possible close to the edge of the printed circuit board layout, so as to shorten the heat transfer path; In vertical direction, high power devices as far as possible close to the above the printed circuit board layout, so as to reduce the influence of the temperature of these devices work on other devices. Within 7, equipment of printed PCB cooling rely mainly on air flow, so to study in the design of air flow path, the rational allocation of device or printed circuit board. Air flow is always tends to flow resistance is small, so the configuration components on printed circuit board, to avoid in a region with large airspace. Many pieces of printed circuit board in the appliance should also pay attention to the configuration of the same problem. 8, the device is more sensitive to temperature is best placed in the lowest temperature region ( Such as equipment at the bottom) , don't put it in heating device, multiple device preferably in a horizontal plane layout. 9, will be the highest power consumption and heat the largest device arranged near the radiator best position. Do not place high fever device in around the corners and edges of printed circuit board, unless near its radiator. When designing the power resistance can choose the larger components as far as possible, and when to adjust the PCB layout make have enough cooling space.
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