PCB circuit board CTI value, grade, model and comparison test

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-24
Tracking resistance of PCB copper clad compared with tracking index (usually Comparativetrackingindex, CTI) Said. The copper-clad laminate ( Copper clad) Many performance, tracking resistance as an important safety reliability index, has been more and more for PCB PCB designers more attention and circuit board manufacturers. 10 layers of HDI PCB ( PCB circuit boards) According to the IEC - CTI value 112 standard method for the base material, printed circuit board and printed circuit board assembly parts compared with the test method of tracking index test, it refers to the substrate surface to withstand 50 drops of 0. 1% ammonium chloride aqueous solution without formation of tracking the highest voltage ( V) 。 American UL and IEC, according to the insulation level of CTI respectively to divide its 6 level and 4 level, as shown in table 1, CTI 600 or higher to the highest level. CTI value low copper clad ( PCB circuit boards) In high pressure, high temperature, damp, filthy and other harsh environments for a long time to use, easy to produce the tracking. Generally, ordinary paper base copper clad ( XPC、FR- 1, etc. ) The CTI of 150 or less, ordinary composite base copper clad ( CEM- 1、CEM- 3) And ordinary glass fiber cloth base copper clad ( FR - 4) CTI is 175 ~ 225, all can't satisfy the use of electrical and electronic products higher safety requirements. The IEC - 950 standard for copper clad in CTI and printed circuit board ( PCB circuit boards) The working voltage, minimum wire spacing ( Minimum creepage distance MinimumCreepageDistance) Also made the rules, the relationship between CTI high copper clad is not only suitable for high pollution, high pressure situations, it is also very suitable for making high density printed circuit board, high resistance to tracking sheet compared to ordinary copper clad, with the former allows the production of printed circuit board line spacing is smaller. Tracking Tracking: solid insulating material under the joint action of electric field and electrolyte on the surface of the process of gradually form a conductive path. Compared with the ComparativeTrackingIndex tracking index ( CTI) : material surface can withstand drops of electrolyte (50 0. 1% ammonium chloride aqueous solution) Without forming the highest voltage value of tracking, unit V. Resistant to tracking index ProofTrackingIndex ( PTI) : 50 drops of electrolyte material surface can withstand without marks formed leakage resistance voltage value, with V said. Resistant to tracking index ProofTrackingIndex ( PTI) Tracking model tracking model PCB copper clad CTI test comparison of CTI test of PCB copper clad laminates is increasing the CTI mainly starts with the resin sheet, minimize the molecular structure of resin is easy, easy to thermal decomposition of carbide genes.
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