How to quickly find suitable PCB manufacturer

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-03
As PCB circuit boards innovation enterprise, considering the demand of users solve the pain points of procurement staff, the user demand for complex products and difficult more and more on the model, a small, sample time, become a problem needed to resolve. Most users are accustomed to looking for suppliers on the Internet, has developed a good network payment habit. Online search to dongguan circuit board manufacturers a lot, but do you know, a lot of online marking can make more than 10 layer of high density circuit board, but it can do is ordinary double panel, four layer board, 6 layer board. Then the two sides talk about for a long time, the end result is more than PCB manufacturers processing production ability, complete circuit board processing production. Predictably, procurement staff in the process of this finding is a waste of time cost, and mistrust of the Internet network marketing also will increase. So it became a big problem to procurement staff. And Rocket PCB web site data is truthful and accurate, Rocket PCB circuit PCB board layer can reach 30, line width, line spacing of 3 mil, aperture is 0. Laser drilling of 1 mm. After the customer to cooperate with us, sincere exchanges share with us, when the customer is looking for a supplier, often several traps: 1, the PCB industry leading; 2, the bigger the better; 3, the listed company. The above three size PCB factory do all can meet processing production. But after the docking, it is not hard to find, idea and reality don't match. Ignored for small orders, customers, or even not business personnel, either at high prices, either quotation, time, the result is unable to complete the order, waste a lot of time and energy. PCB laminated ( Solid-state drives circuit board) The Rocket PCB circuit should be the needs of customers, to solve the pain points on purchasing management, made clear for the market localization plan, we aim to provide users with high-quality products, efficient service. In 4, 6, 8 or more difficult layer of PCB samples to medium and small batch, really can do, and indeed do, achieve win-win situation on both sides. Also called for Rocket PCB circuit board attention price competition in this industry, within a reasonable range of floating belong to normal, but some counterparts, low price and even negative margin, a price a points goods, PCB product quality and follow-up service was not up to standard. The value of the good product is to pass to oneself. We sell Rocket PCB, circuit board products, is the carrier of value transfer between us, sales process, is the high quality products and efficient service, do effective transfer. Also by customers, continue to pass this value to more people! Value as a flame in the dark sky, the entrepreneur is burning lamp, lamp light sequential, for the realization of the value direction of light.
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