How to clean the PCB

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-02
How to clean the PCB assembly has recently been a lot of USB PCB circuit boards, it reminded me of the best way to clean them after assembly. In the assembly work when using the 'unclean' flux, so I do not have to keep it clean, theoretically but if you do not, it will leave an ugly sticky mess. Unfortunately, restoring ancient ways is the USB board black solder resist layer can highlight flux residue seems to be better than other colors. I recently began to use gels in syringe instead of flux, it is more thick, more left. So a good clean is more important than ever before. Circuit board cleaning in the past, my standard cleaning method is to use ordinary cotton swabs 99% isopropyl alcohol. It can dissolve the flux residue, but this kind of cotton swabs is easy to stumble at the Angle of component, quickly into pieces, and leaves a small cotton fiber in any place. Using sponge swab and cloth cotton swabs, behind these swabs are basically designed for industrial use is special. Anyway, cotton packing and winding are much closer than cotton swab, and they are 'low' cashmere, and at the same time show superior wear resistance and cleaning performance, can wipe over and over again. It helps to reduce stray cotton fiber and cut wire, but cannot completely eliminate them, as you see here, isopropyl alcohol will look unattractive left. Its visibility depends largely on the Angle of the light, I deliberately choose the worst Angle of photos. I'm not sure whether this residue from alcohol really, or if it dissolved in alcohol residue, but whether dry PCB circuit boards with stripes. I found that I need to wait until it dries, then use another dry cotton swab to wipe dry areas and remove stripe. The end result is still not perfect, although it is very good. But the cleaning process can be very time consuming, each circuit board takes a few minutes.
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