Recycling waste printed circuit board is a treasure, worthy of attention

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-27
At least 5 million units a year in China TV, refrigerator, washing machine 6 million reach 4 million discarded; Need to deal with waste electronic products each year to 8 million tonnes. Moreover, with the computer, mobile phone, VCD, DVD and other electronic products renewal speed up, scrap quantity will rise sharply. How to better the known as 'e-waste' recycling discarded products, is worthy of attention. Electrical appliances product contains huge resources. Waste home appliance in the plastics and of gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other precious metals and non-ferrous metals, has huge value of reusing resources. China has entered the peak electrical appliances discarded, and the whole market scale up to tens of billions of dollars. Currently on the market of waste circuit board mainly household appliances, computer boards, etc. So, can be divided into several categories for recycling, electronic components need to artificial disassemble, reoccupy dismantling circuit board recycling equipment; Without electronic components can be directly recycled crushed. Waste printed circuit board PCB is a treasure of the waste circuit board processing method I think many people know about all of this is much, or just know a probably, recycling and disposal of waste circuit board now has become an industry, it is of profound significance to social development. Recycling the waste circuit board, can reduce the waste of resources, environmental pollution and other issues. By physical method processing equipment and technology of the recycling of waste printed circuit boards, mainly including broken reconciliation from waste printed circuit board, with dry and wet separation technique to separate metals and nonmetals. The study found that broken to 1. 2 mm, waste mainboard can disintegrate, basic broken product contains about 6% of copper and other metals, 76% 18% of nonmetal; Mainly distributed in copper & lt; 0. 5 mm in the powder, mainly in metal & gt; 0. Grade 5 mm; High-frequency air separator can effectively separate the non-metal and metal, and the separation size range wide, separation threshold low, low operating cost, dry separation is ideal. Circuit board recycling process 'e-waste recycling in China started late, developed rapidly. In recent years, relevant departments have issued a recycling and disposal of waste household appliances and electronic products, the administrative regulations, the electronic information product pollution control management measures 'and so on policies and regulations, promote the electronic information industry gradually transformed into green industry of environmental protection and resource conservation. At present, in the 'Yangtze river delta', 'pearl river delta' region, there has been much to disassemble 'e-waste' as the main business of the enterprise, form a veritable circular economy, on the one hand, solve the employment problem, save investment, on the other hand to reduce the resource consumption and waste emissions. This 'cheap renewable resources + cheap second-hand equipment, cheap Labour = cheap products' 'e-waste recycling mode', highlights the efficient utilization of the resource, highlighted with less resource consumption and environmental costs of the pursuit of great economic and social benefits, is worth attention.
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