Beijing visual detection circuit board production line

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-06
In Beijing on circuit board production line, there is a manual scans the barcode link. Circuit board factory workers need to be completed in 20 to 30 seconds to two pieces of bar code scanning circuit boards. After the bar code is input system for testing. For delay due to the slow manual scan, after the system test time, the low efficiency of the whole production line. Customers began to consider using read decoder for scanning machine. The visual system to the subject of the reading area is large, low shooting Angle and the input/output ability, etc into the line of sight of the customer. On the customer's production line, bar code is to use two wires hanging on the circuit board, and with a 30 degrees. Similar to read decoder for reading distance requirement is higher, can't accurately reading. But kang resistance depending on the product to meet customer demand. Is pilot after installed on the 4 production lines, replacing the manual scanning station, also improves the automation degree of circuit board production line, production increased 20% 30% customers consider in the rest of the circuit board production line also used visual products. High precision circuit board manufacturers
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