The influencing factors on the quality of the exposure imaging circuit board factory

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-15
In the process of PCB production process technology to dongguan Rocket PCB manufacturer said at small make up to three days and three nights on part is possible, circuit board factory of each production details, our staff strictly controls the, today still give us share those factors that influence the circuit board factory exposure imaging of interest to see, we have our circuit board factory ( Dongguan PCB circuit board manufacturers) His freestyle. Circuit board factory influencing factors on the quality of the exposure imaging: one, the choice of light source in the circuit board factory ( Dongguan PCB circuit board manufacturers) Any kind of dry film has its own characteristic of spectral absorption curve, and any kind of light source also has its own emission spectrum curve of money. If some dry film of spectral absorption peaks with some kind of light source spectrum emission peak phase, or most of the overlap is both matching is good, the best exposure. Domestic dry film of spectral absorption curve shows that the spectral absorption area is 310 ~ 440 nm, dysprosium lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, iodine gallium lamp in 310 ~ 440 NNL wavelength range are larger relative radiation intensity, dry film exposure is ideal light source. Line exposure machine ( PCB circuit boards/circuit board) Control the exposure time of a second, in the process of series of light, the light of the dry film polymerization reaction is not a see light is complete, but a reaction to certain sufficient exposure time: when underexposure, due to the incomplete monomer polymerization, in the process of development, film dissolve soft, line is not clear, colour and lustre is dim, even months, before plating processing or electricity is in the process, membrane case become warped, plating, or even fall off; In the circuit board factory ( Dongguan PCB circuit board manufacturers) When overexposed causing difficulty in the development, the film brittle, leaving residue and other ills. Incorrect exposure will produce the image line width deviation, excessive exposure can make graphics electroplating line and make the printing etching lines, on the contrary, underexposed make coarse graphics electroplating lines, fine printing lines in the etching. In order to determine the exposure time, usually, it is recommended to use, ( Rist〇n) 17 or stew fee ( sbuffer) 21 feet level optical density. BGA boards ( PCB circuit boards) Circuit board factory, Dongguan PCB circuit board manufacturers) Exposure in the exposure positioning positioning is also note in the visual positioning: circuit board factory visual positioning usually applies to use diazo negatives, diazo blank brown or orange translucent; But not through ultraviolet light, through the diazo images make blank pad with PCB hole alignment, exposure can be made with adhesive plaster. Above is the freestyle small make up a circuit board factory, don't know whether you already know, probably affect the circuit board factory, that's the exposure factors of image quality.
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