PCB circuit boards welding plate & quot; Finger print & quot; Harm and avoid method

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-22
In PCB circuit board industry, surface treatment of welding plate 'finger print' is a big disaster, circuit board is also cause bad PCB circuit board scrap and reliability degradation is one of the main reasons for the end user. Almost every link and PCB manufacturing through manual operation, only every member of the electronics manufacturing industry to develop good habits and put an end to bare hand contact, to reduce or eradicate fingerprints on the dangers of circuit board. In PCB production process, the hand and plate contact is frequent, so the fingerprints to become the industry's most pressing problem. The following talk about 'finger print' will be the cause of bad PCB circuit boards, hazards, avoid methods: multilayer heavy gold PCB 1, surface treatment, welding disc fingerprints: fingers is a hand perspiration, its main composition is as follows: (1). Water; ②。 Cosmetics and skin care products; ③。 Inorganic salts ( Such as Nacl, etc. ) ; ④。 Fatty oils ( The minerals) ; ⑤。 Bare hands ( Or dirty gloves) Hit by all kinds of dirt. 2, finger printed circuit board in the harm (1) in the process of manufacturing. Bare hand contact resistance before welding can lead to resistance welding, the deterioration in green oil adhesion, in hot air the whole blister on weekdays and fall off; ②。 Heavy gold plate until after the resistance welding process before packaging, bare hand touch panel will lead to board face is not clean and cause poor weldability, or dependend bad; ③。 Naked objects hit a plate in a very short period, make its surface of the copper produces chemical reaction, cause copper surface oxidation. After a long after plating shows obvious fingerprint, uneven coating, cause serious adverse on product appearance; ④。 Wet coating or silk screen printing lines and squeeze film former PCB PCB board face with fingerprints of oils and fats, easy to cause the loss of dry/wet film adhesion, plating and coating separation during electroplating, gold plate is easy to cause the plate pattern, make the surface oxidation, after fulfilling the resistance welding production color of Yin and Yang. If no specification and put an end to above phenomenon, damage to the product percent of pass, pass at a time, cause the production processing cycle is long, rework the loading rate is high, on time delivery rate is low, damage the company image in the eyes of customers. 3, how to put an end to bare hand contact is a key link in the process of radical fingerprints (1). Requires each employee to develop a good habits of pick up, put the plate; ②。 Conveniently carry gloves and finger; ③。 Be sure to wear gloves (in can wear gloves process Such as cloth gloves, plastic gloves, finger sets, etc. ) ; ④。 Lead by example and precept, sets up the model for image, in the mind of engraving a phrase 'two armed with edge, flat to flat, palm as the axis, coaxial rotation'.
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