from its beginnings on a napkin, compaq did nothing but succeed

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Compaq computer company outlined the first product on the back of the pancake house napkin six years later.
The computer industry continues to suffer. The Houston-
S. -based companies sold $1 last year. 2 billion--
Reach Billion
Despite the overwhelming presence of industry giant IBM, the dollar level is faster than any other company in history.
The company\'s first product, a portable computer, was the result of the coffee meeting of founders Rod Kenning, Bill Benito and Jim Harris.
All three of them work for Texas Instruments.
Gather Together in a project to start a diskdrive unit.
When using the Texas Instrument, the three decided to take their own risks.
\"We didn\'t really realize the fast track we were going to take.
Our actions are fast, but we don\'t fully understand how big the potential is . \"
\"When we raise initial venture capital, we tell investors that we think $20 million or $30 million (in sales)
The first year was possible and they laughed.
This is unheard.
A company has never started with their first.
Annual sales are so high.
In February 1982, Canion and his partners began designing their first personal computer.
Sales began in 1983.
By the end of the year, their sales reached $111.
US business record 2 million
Sales reached $0. 329 billion in 1984 as the company launched products that became one of the top companies
Sales line for tables-top business-
Personal computers in four months
In 1985, Compaq was among the top 500 in the world and became the first company to do so in four years.
David Compaq\'s sales records continue to work as their personal computers are compatible with industry standards, meaning they support the largest base of commercial software programson equipment.
In an industry dominated by IBM, Compaq plays a modern role.
David, face the challenge.
IBM continues to create a new standard with its personal system.
2 lines, but many customers prefer to stick to the old one.
\"I think our competition with IBM is very good,\" said Canion President and CEO, 43 . \".
Compaq released an IBM product announcement in June, and some analysts said it would protect Compaq at 386-
PC market.
The new PC is based on Intel.
80386 microprocessor
Compass pro 386-
According to company spokesman Bob Beach, 25 is the most powerful personal computer in the world.
Canion\'s favorite Compaq Pro 386 is the first PC to use a new and cheaper Intel chip.
ShippedIBM has announced other models of its personal system
It includes a 386 machine, but IBM\'s products will not be available until September.
Compaq\'s machine has been shipped.
Compaq, which already has 1 million square feet of space in six buildings in Houston, announced plans for $137 in July --
One million more expansion will be added.
85 acres 4 million square feet.
This expansion provides space for up to 4,000 employees, nearly doubling the current workforce of 4,800 people worldwide.
\"I kind of like the way we\'re going,\" Canion said of his company\'s performance . \".
\"I\'m not going to make any major changes.
We have developed a system to identify opportunities for new products and then quickly bring them to market.
\"Just last week, the company reported second-quarter profit growth of 91% to $59 million, with sales of $0. 457 billion.
In the first six months of this year, revenues have more than doubled to $0. 105 billion, with sales of $0. 896 billion.
Michael Davis, an analyst at Lovett Mitchell Webb & Garrison in Houston, believes Compaq\'s growth or profit will not be affected.
\"I don\'t see any clouds nearby --term future.
\"In general, I don\'t see any cloud,\" Davis said.
Compaq launched the Lumia pro 286 model and Portable 286 computer in its third year.
IBM, which has been offering similar products for nine months, is by then preparing to launch a suitcase --size portable.
Portable 386 and Lumia pro 386-
Twenty computers were introduced in September 1987.
80% of 386-
Personal computers sold through the United StatesS.
According to Storeboard, Compaq\'s personal computer was the distributor in 1987.
It is a consulting company providing market information in the computer industry.
The survey somehow overstates Compaq\'s share as it misses IBM\'s direct sales team.
Compaq only sells its products through about 3,000 authorized dealers in 40 countries.
Davis, an analyst, said that they mainly adapt to the market.
\"They brought the product that the public wanted and they did a great job because they only sold it through dealers.
They went out of their way to make sure their dealers were happy.
Most of the credit for Compaq\'s success is Canion, who oversees Compaq\'s records.
Grow in all business areas.
Canion, who has worked for Texas Instruments for 13 years, is also responsible for recruiting high
Senior management of other companies.
He attributed Compaq\'s success to teamwork among employees.
\"We are naive in many ways, and we stick to some very basic philosophy,\" Canion said . \".
\"We don\'t have all the answers, and we use everyone\'s ability to find good answers. . . .
This is our culture.
Compaq was named one of the top five brands
The company managed by business month magazine in 1987.
\"The judges are not doing Compaq\'s survival today, not even at the rate of $1 billion in sales, but it has done these feats and fought IBM, \"The magazine said in its December 1987 issue.
At the international level, Compaq is building a network of manufacturing facilities to build a portable desktop production plant and a printing plant in Erskine, Scotland
Compaq\'s circuit board assembly plant in Singapore is Compaq\'s first satellite manufacturing plant outside the United States.
The company\'s main assembly business is in Houston.
Product Development Company
Founder Harris, who has worked for Texas Instruments for 13 years, is responsible for supporting the technical team for all product development.
He led the development of the original Compaq portable personal computer and played an important role in the engineering of the company\'s subsequent products.
Murto directed and coordinated overall sales operations and marketing to pursue religious careers before leaving the company in April 1987.
Compaq\'s only setback so far is that the company has set up Dallas-
A subsidiary of a telecom company. , in 1984.
Its main product is Telecompaq, which is used to connect phones and computers to a unit.
Analysts said output stopped after investing more than $20 million last year.
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