Typical Index

Typical value





Total Thickness

≤4.0 mm

Cavity types

A. Edge plating  (PTH plugging, no SM on cavity bottom) 

B. No plating on edge +no pattern on bottom

C. No plating on edge +pattern on bottom  (PTH plugging) +SM on bottom

Cavity Size


Cavity depth


Surface treatment

HAL not applicable


Communication, PA, RF

The high-speed communication demand lower loss(a), smaller delay and lower distortion in signal transmission, which requires PCB using material with excellent Dk&Df, as well as high impedance accuracy. With 1.00053Dk, which is surely higher to vacuum, air cavity in PCB would show higher signal transmission speed, lower distortion and smaller delay. Several air cavities were embedded into different layer of the multi-layer PCB with different low flow resin and mask material.


The main advantages of cavity PCB & PCB cavity are as follows


Improve the overall performance of the product
Increase the density of product assembly
Meet the high-speed and high-information requirements of communication products
Reduce the size and weight of products
Strengthen the safety of surface components
Increase the heat dissipation area


Stepstair PCB& cavity PCB can be divided into

PTH cavity
NPTH cavity
half-PTH cavity (pattern on bottom)

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