Micro Via High Layers HDI PCB

Rocket PCB manufacturer has been in the PCB industry for more than 20 years. It is the earliest enterprise with HDI production technology in China. At present, it is also a leader in the field of high-level HDI. Its product quality is very competitive in the field of high-level HDI, and can achieve any layer interconnection, and the product yield is more than 90%, reaching the leading level of the world.


Benefiting from long-term production experience, our company has the leading R&D technology level in the same industry, following the development trend of miniaturization, precision and multi-function of consumer electronics. At the same time, the company expands customer resources to automotive electronics manufacturers, bringing continuous growth momentum for printed circuit board business.


Rocket PCB has completed the accumulation of advanced PCB technology. At present, high-end PCB products are mainly HDI. HDI products are classified into first, second, third and fourth-order products, and the company's fourth-order product technology has been very mature, is the mainstream product in consumer electronics and other fields. Our company's long-term accumulation of advanced research and development technology and manufacturing technology, such as electroplating blind hole filling, laser direct drilling copper and  build-up technology, makes itself occupy the technical advantage in the fierce market competition.

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