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Sequential lamination backplane PCB

Typical Index

Design Features

Layer count


Card Size


Total Thickness








2 traces between 1.0mmpitch

Single trace between 0.8mmpitch

Base Material


Surface treatment



Layer-Layer 4mil

in total 6mil


Back drill on both size of a hole + resin plug


Advanced sequential lamination technology allows printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing to be made up of different subsets of boards and layers

 A subset of PCB is a multi-layered printed circuit board that is presented in an almost complete PCB process. Sequential lamination is a multi-layer PCB technology. Sub-parts (or sub-composites) that have been laminated to additional copper or other sub-parts. Sequential laminated printed circuit boards (PCBs) go through at least two laminate cycles and can go through more, The resulting structure is then submitted to the required additional PCB treatment steps, such as drilling, plating, etching and surface treatment.

If an application requires multiple press-fit and laminate cycles, it is called sequential build-up or SBU technology.

This construction method is the pillar of high density interconnection (HDI) products and has been used in many forms. This technology as a whole has been very successful, and today it is essential for mobile communications and computer chip packaging, as well as many other uses. Many of these products are small, light and thin.

Please discuss with our highly qualified and experienced engineers the sequential lamination technology solutions that can meet PCB assembly or PCB manufacturing requirements. We offer fast turn around and low interest rates to help you significantly increase market share and profits. Our PCB and SBU services are recognized for their high quality, high performance and reliability.

Our sequential lamination technical expertise reduces the time and cost of manufacturing high-quality multi-layered printed circuit boards. Services range over a wide range of medical devices, aerospace, semiconductor test and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial engineering equipment. Whether you order a large quantity or need a PCB rapid prototype, you can rest assured that we will deliver it to you on time and on budget.

Use sequential lamination technology to request a PCB service quote from Rocket PCB.

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