pcb assembly 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications
All of our pcb assembly have been authenticated by international authoritative institutes and cater to the Chinese criteria. We keep close contact and extensive cooperation with big enterprises related to the global industry. These globally authoritative certifications demonstrate that our merchandise is in the forefront of this industry.

Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is one of China's largest and highest-selling thermal management pcb products company in scale and revenue. Rocket is mainly engaged in the business of wire bonding pcb and other product series. Innovative design concept: the design concept of Rocket pcb printed circuit board is put forward and completed by a team of designers who are full of innovative design ideas. These ideas not only meet the industrial standards but cater to the market demands. All the components within this product are fixed using solder flux. The product is able to deliver light more efficiently to the desired location, which allows users to take advantage of more light efficiency. Its simple design makes it easier for users to maintain and manipulate.

Rocket . focuses on offering five-star customer service for customers. Check it!
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