How many production lines does Rocket PCB run?
Rocket PCB Solution Ltd can produce pcb production according to your requirements. A production line is a set of sequential operations that are established in a factory. The production line is supported by the QC team and the R&D team.

Rocket . is a diversified, export-oriented enterprise integrated with professional microwave pcb design, production, sale, export, etc. The microwave pcb series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Rocket printed circuit board is manufactured with high-quality raw materials to smooth and efficient production. Its components are always soldered in, which contributes to durability. The product is able to deliver light more efficiently to the desired location, which allows users to take advantage of more light efficiency. It offers a simple platform to arrange the electronic components in a compressed way.

Rocket brand desires to be one of the most leading enterprise in wire bonding pcb industry. Get price!
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