Security article! Circuit board factory production safety risk control guidelines

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-28
Seller circuit board factory prevention article: facilities, protection, system and mechanism. Specifically: first ___________ to effectively identify environmental and safety factors of production, find out money. Mainly embodied in: (1) environmental protection and safety factors of production - — Regulations of the state, a total of 49 class, 498 kinds of dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste 5 kinds of strict controls of heavy metals and other more than 10 kinds of metals, 335 kinds of highly toxic chemicals, 23 kinds of persistent organic pollutants (pops); 2 department of environmental protection and safety production and its facilities and equipment; (3) environmental protection and safety in production important node. For example: PCB factory workshop team leader authority regulations. This second to comb and the establishment of three/four environmental protection and safety production rules and regulations. (1) level of regulation: environmental protection responsibility system and the personnel at the level of responsibility of all levels and the safe production responsibility system and personnel responsibility; Secondary rules: [2] for larger environment elements and safe production to establish rules and regulations; (3) three levels of rules and regulations. Under the clear in liability, the principle of integration of power and responsibility, the specific departments and facilities set up environmental protection and safety production rules and regulations; (4) four class rules and regulations. Circuit board factory workshop team leader responsibility regulations. Denominated in PCB factory make control of the article: responsibility, implementation, evaluation and improvement. Specifically, it is suggested to effectively assess and rectification: ___________ assessment of post responsibility system is reasonable, whether the positions of each are fully the rights and the corresponding responsibility; 2. Various environmental factors and safety management system is the effective factors of production; 3. Whether on a regular basis to test the equipment running status, ensure the normal operation of the its status; 4. Whether environment and production safety emergency plan, and is equipped with corresponding contingency items; ⒌ could according to the new laws and regulations in a timely manner to the old environment and safety production management system is modified, perfect and timely training; 6. Whether regularly to evaluate employee's ability to perform their duties, to be the staff whether to take the post of jobs, training and other measures; But whether to establish the corresponding incentive system, to effectively prevent environmental pollution and reward the employees of the production safety accidents; ⒏ after found the problem without, positive improvement. To PCB factory remedial article: in the actual production and operation in the event of environmental violations or production safety accidents, take positive and effective measures to prevent the relevant events expanding and reducing losses to a minimum. ___________ of environmental pollution and production safety crime shall be investigated for the process. Department of environmental protection or safety department found illegal crime pose environmental or safety production environment - — The public security department filing, investigation, — Procuratorate arrest and prosecution - — Court, judgment. This positive remedy. Specifically, perform the following ACTS shall generally be: (1) to take effective measures to prevent the losses increase or expanding; 2 the active compensation for damage; (3) for illegal behavior positive rectification; (4) lesson, to prevent similar events and activities happen again. 3. To prevent environmental or safety to judicial. Specifically, perform the following ACTS shall generally be: (1) environment and safety in production accident or accident should immediately after tracking assessment; 2 prove to submit documents of the Ministry of Public Security, the environment or the occurrence of safety in production illegal not intentional misconduct or gross negligence; (3) the process of the incident and the company to take corrective actions immediately report to the environmental protection department or department of work safety and strengthen communication, strive for as the accident processing; (4) show that the company had been established effective post responsibility system, and the correct performance of the employee selection and supervision responsibilities, the environment or the occurrence of safety in production illegal behavior is the individual behavior of individual employees; 5] deny or weaken the effectiveness of the relevant evidence from the program.
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