Introduction to multi-layer PCB circuit board without screen printing what benefits

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-22
Since engaged in electronic design, circuit board manufacturers will produce all sorts of function has been throughout multi-layer PCB circuit boards. Every positive printed on the screen printing, if something on the back, also printed on the back; Came across some places behind batch PCB production precision multi-layer PCB circuit board above very clean, no silk screen, so that we can bring many benefits of suddenly enlightened: 1, in the production of PCB circuit board plate, two layer (due to less production If there is one) on the back , so can reduce the cost. 2, make the PCB circuit board plate board face clean and tidy, avoid the effect of silk screen welding quality. 3, reduce the workload of hardware engineer, at least can need not putpartname, also need not make on the lower screen printing Gerber file. Of course if there is some information on the silk screen layer must express: the socket direction, for example, high pressure hazard warning label paste box, etc. Then you must make the corresponding screen printing layer.
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