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Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn

Double Sided PCB
FR4, CEM-1, Rogers
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold, ENIG, Immersion silver/Sn, HASL, LF-HASL, OSP
Min Track/Width 3/3mil
L/C,T/T,Western Union
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Product Details
Rocket PCB's HDI PCB is perfect in every detail.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Rocket PCB's HDI PCB is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.
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Company Advantages
1. The material of single sided pcb is safe even for children.
2. Compared with other products, this product has obvious advantages, longer service life and more stable performance. It has been tested by an authoritative third party.
3. The pursuit of quality makes our single sided pcb better than the ordinary products on the market.
4. The integrity, strength and quality products of Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is recognized by the industry.

Double sided Fast PCB PCB prototyping quick turn around PCB production

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-1

Product Description

Two-sided PCB model, the foremost normally surface treatment is HASL. At constant time, OSP, gold plating, immersion gold, immersion silver, is equally applicable.

HASL- sensible appearance, simple to weld tin on the pad, easy welding, low price.

ENIG- stable quality, sometimes employed in the case of boding IC.

For two sided board, using through hole within the middle connects two-sided traces, and there are 2 more processes than single aspect board, that is Electroless Copper and plating.

Double sided boards are wide used and relatively easy, each manufacturer can do, that the competition is usually on the price.

Some makers use low grade CCL, soldermask ink is also comparatively low cost, even the surface plating is skinny, leading to price variations.

At Rocket PCB, we have been using top-grade materials, never cut corners, quality is first-class, our strategy is tiny profits but fast turnover, therefore within the premise of quality assurance, our PCB price is extremely competitive, you're welcome to inquiry here to get quick quotation!

Double-sided PCB manufacturing Process

Customer requirements → engineering design materials → production work order MI→material cutting→baking board → drilling → electroless plating copper(PTH) →copper surface plating→ grinding Brush→ pattern exposure → develop→plating copper and tin →strip film→ etching → strip tin →soldermask→Immersion Gold→Routing→ET→HASL→FQC→warehouse

1, Cutting Material: Cut out easy-to-process dimensions from the whole sheet of copper clad laminate (CCL) with a certain thickness and foil thickness

2, Drilling: Drilling a conductive hole or plug-in hole on the board according to the computer drilling program
3, PTH: A thin layer of chemical copper is deposited in the drilled hole, with the aim of sinking a layer of copper through chemical methods in non-conductive epoxy glass cloth substrates (or other substrates), making it easy for the rear plating guide to form the circuit pattern;
4, Full Plate Copper Plating: The main purpose is to protect the thin layer of chemical copper from oxidation in the air, forming no copper or holes in the holes.
5, Circuits (graphics transfer) is pasted with dry film on board. After exposure and development, circuit graphics are made.
6, Pattern plating: Wire copper thickening plating on pattern circuit, so that the hole and pattern copper thickness reached a certain thickness, can load a certain amount of current
7, Etching: Fade The graphics ink or dry film, etching off the excess copper foil to obtain conductive line graphics. Remove the pattern ink or dry film, etch out the excess copper foil to get the conductive graphics
8, Remove tin: The tin layer on the formed graph is removed to reveal the required pattern
9, Silk screen soldermask or paste soldermask dry film: Printing a layer of soldermask ink on the board, or affixed with a layer of soldermask dry film, after exposure, development to form soldermask layer, the main purpose is to prevent short circuit between the lines at the time of soldering
10, Immersion Gold/HASL: Immersion gold or spray a layer of tin on the board where it needs to be welded, making it easy to solder, while also preventing oxidation of the copper surface at the place
11, Silkscreen: printing some iconic words on the board, mainly convenient for customers to install components
12, Routing: Process the profile of the Board
13, Electrical test: Detecting whether there is an open short circuit in the PCB by means of a closed loop

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Product advantages

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-3
Yield Advantages

Strong production strength, can meet the batch needs of different customers

> Well-known cooperative suppliers import advanced equipment and production technology from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other regions, with a monthly output of up to 250,000 square meters.

> For a long time our suppliers have formed a complete production process, which is becoming more specialized, modern and large-scale.

> We passed ISO 9001 quality system, TS16949, UL standard, ROHS standard and SGS lead-free certification and related industry certification.

Technical advantages

> Senior R &D team, tailor-made application solutions, like high speed, high capacity and high frequency, press-fit, heat-sink solutions

> In general, customers provide gerber files and Rocket senior R&D engineers team audit and optimize them free of charge (Free DRC and DFM)

> For customers with special requirements, we can provide personalized solutions, design drawings, develop new products, and provide relevant technical support according to their needs and combined with our practical experience.

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-4

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-5

Service Advantages

> Multiple production lines meet the requirements of mass production and quick turnover of small batches and prototype

> Expedited production line for prototyping double-sided up to 24 hours, 4 layers 48 hours, 6 layers 72 hours etc.

> Mass production of double-sided board 5-6 days lead time, multi-layer board 7-9 days.

> DHL, Fedex, TNT,UPS Express Direct, fully meet the customer's time requirements.

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-6
Product  Advantages

> Strict production and testing, 100% outgoing pass rate

> Provide 1-64 layers of different thickness, different materials, different processes of product customization, of which the CCL using A-class raw materials, high quality assurance;

> Advanced technology for rigid, rigid-flex, flexible, RF, metal core, backplane, ceramic, HDI and so on.

> Eight major surface treatment technology and high-quality ink printing, beautiful and reliable

> Dozens of tests such as open/short circuit testing, impedance testing, solderability testing, thermal shock testing, metallographic micro-slicing analysis, halogen-free testing, etc.

Product Certification

Rocket PCB supply chain meticulously practices all-around quality management and actively introduces and implements multi-domain system management. We have successively obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001, ISO13485 and AS9100 certifications.

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-7

Product comparison

Due to the circuit board industry manufacturing level is uneven, if accidentally selected to the low-end manufacturing plant, there will be poor engineering data processing, old equipment, management confusion, poor parameter control, improper operation of personnel and other process issues, such as the following quality defects.

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Product application

Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-9                
Consumer electronics
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-10                
Automotive electronics
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-11                
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-12                
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-13                
Industrial & Instrumentation
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-14                
IOT/Smart Home
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-15                
Medical electronics
Double Sided PCB prototyping FR4 2-layer PCB fast turn-16                
Security Industry

Company Features
1. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is currently the leading enterprise in Chinese single sided pcb field.
2. With the modern production lines, Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. has full ability to produce high quality double sided pcb .
3. double sided circuit board is an important action as good customer service for Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.. Check now! single sided printed circuit board is our eternal tenet. Check now! Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. makes use of single sided circuit board service concept to construct large power customer management information system. Check now! Emphasized on double sided printed circuit board , double sided circuit board is Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. service philosophy. Check now!
During the production of Rocket PCB single sided circuit board, it is strictly tested, including lifetime test, heat and power breakdown test, and mechanical damage test. This product has been certified under CE and RoHS
Rocket PCB [single sided pcb is of high performance. It has undergone professional and strict spectral and photoelectric analysis to has high luminous efficiency. This product can quickly collect data from the surrounding environment
During the production of Rocket PCB double sided pcb, The overall light quality such as color rendering, color temperature, and the efficiency of the light source is obviously enhanced. Though it has a simple structure, this product is perfectly suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
Rocket PCB single sided circuit board is certified. It not only meets the requirements of GB and IEC standards but meets the UL safety certification. The shape of this product can be customized according to needs
Rocket PCB double sided printed circuit board is well manufactured. Every process such as chip producing, bulb manufacturing, and lampshade surface treatment are paid close attention. Its response time can be limited at 0.1ms
The product has high tensile strength. It has been assessed under a pull test to check its tensile force when filled with a certain level of pressure. This product is treated with hot-dipped galvanizing for perfect weather resistance
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