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stagger pcb manufacturing process at discount bulk production

stagger pcb manufacturing process at discount bulk production

Stagger pcb manufacturing process at discount bulk production

10 layer ELIC printed circuit board, any layer PCB fabrication
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold
Stack up N+N, Min Track/Width 3/3mil, Blind & Buried vias, laser vias
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Enterprise Strength
  • Rocket PCB always adheres to the service concept of 'quality first, customer first'. We return society with high-quality products and thoughtful services.
Product Details
Rocket PCB adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of PCB prototyping.Rocket PCB has professional production workshops and great production technology. PCB prototyping we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.
Company Advantages
1. pcb manufacturing process generates a sound image of exceptional quality.
2. The product is resistant to high temperature. It has been fired or sintered under very high temperature, and it has a high melting point.
3. This product is good for promotional items and newly released products. It is useful for both large and small items and can be put outdoors or indoors.
4. This garment is ideal for people who want to impress other people. It could help one feel more professional and confident as he or she wears it.
5. This antibacterial product can radically reduce bacterial infections contracted from contact surfaces, hence to create a clean and hygienic surrounding for people.

Anylayer/ ELIC (Every layer interconnection)

In order to adapt to the development of CSP and inverted chip packaging (FC), it is necessary to use high density PCB with internal via hole (IVH) structure. In order to break through the limitation of traditional HDI high density interconnection laminates, it is necessary to import higher-order any layer interconnection technology so that any layer can be arbitrarily connected to another layer to form internal conduction.

The interconnection structure of via hole (IVH)  is designed to be used in higher-level HDI products to achieve the purpose of light, thin, short and small.

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Improving high Density Wiring of Products

Reduce the weight of PCB substrate: about 60%

Reduce the size of manufactured handsets: about 30%


ROCKET PCB Any Layer PCB (ELIC)process flow

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Anylayer PCB DFM suggestion for layout

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  ◪   Any Layer PCBs with laser vias and filled plating on each layer

  ◪   0.4mm thin spacing CSP supported by Any layer interconnection

  ◪   Mass-production of 10-layer M-VIA Ⅲ (Any Layer PCB) for mobile devices

The technology of making any layer HDI is summarized as follows

1) Precision alignment technology is one of the key technologies in making any-layer HDI board. In order to achieve precise inter-layer alignment effect, scientific and reasonable alignment target design and alignment mode are prerequisites.

2) All factors affecting the expansion, shrinkage and deformation of any layer HDI board need to be eliminated as far as possible. Precise inter-layer alignment effect of any layer HDI board will be affected by pre-placement of core board, plate selection, equipment difference and operation control.

3) Precision alignment technology is a control technology that runs through the whole process of making any- layer HDI board. It has very high requirements for equipment, materials, process parameters, personnel operation and production environment.


With the development of PCB towards light, thin, short, small and high reliability, the requirement of interlayer alignment accuracy for any layer HDI boards will bring more challenges and higher requirements for existing interlayer alignment control technology. In order to solve the problem of alignment accuracy of any layer HDI board, it is necessary to make a thorough study on it, make a comprehensive and detailed analysis from the technical principle to the actual operation, and find out the factors that affect the alignment accuracy to eliminate or decrease one by one. So that our inter-layer precise alignment technology is more mature, its control is more scientific, systematic and standardized, to meet the current production needs of higher-end PCB, to seize more market opportunities.

Product application

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Consumer electronics
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Automotive electronics
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stagger pcb manufacturing process at discount bulk production-10                
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Industrial & Instrumentation
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IOT/Smart Home
stagger pcb manufacturing process at discount bulk production-13                
Medical electronics
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Security Industry

Company Features
1. Due to the high-quality workmanship of HDI PCB fabrication, Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. has been greatly appreciated in the market.
2. We've got power in human assets, especially in the R&D sector. The R&D talents are imaginative, creative, and professional in industry know-how to develop products based on current industry niches or trends.
3. Rocket PCB will never rest on ready-made achievements but always seek better development. Get an offer! To Rocket PCB Solution Ltd., providing best service for customers is what we should sticks to. Get an offer! pcb manufacturing process is the gene of Rocket PCB which is the driving force to continue to develop its business. Get an offer!
The necessary tests for Rocket PCB pcb manufacturing process have been finished. These tests cover colorfastness testing, rub fastness testing, dimensional stability testing, and abrasion resistance testing. Its seamless structure eliminates the chance of bacteria accumulation
Attention on the details of Rocket PCB pcb manufacturing process has been paid. Its dimension precision, edge handling quality, colorfastness, and trimming are done in a professional manner. Thanks to its tensile strength, this product is less likely to fracture and breakage
Rocket PCB HDI PCB fabrication has passed defects inspections. These defect inspections include surface scratches & cracks, pinholes, chip edges, and needle and thread loosening. It has the desired flexibility, thus it is easy to cut and utilize
Rocket PCB pcb manufacturing process is manufactured under a range of processes. They include materials preparation, graphic design, foot type molding, material cutting, and trimming and finishing. This product can stand up to harsh or acidic chemicals
Rocket PCB pcb manufacturing process will go through serious quality inspection. It will be randomly checked in terms of fabrics quality, strength, colorfastness, printing quality, and sewing quality. There are no burrs and cracks seen on this product
This product is very flexible in temperature adaptation. Its materials and parts are less likely to be affected by extreme hot or cold temperature. Since it can be recycled over and over again, it has prominent economic benefits
The product features dimensional accuracy. There are no deviations in the design phase and the production process thanks to the CAD software and CNC machine. It features a low heat treatment deformation rate
The product won't easily fade. It is not easy to lose its freshness or brilliance of color when exposed to strong sunlight. There are no burrs and cracks seen on this product
The product features UV resistance. The fabric of this product is not prone to ultraviolet damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. It is widely accepted for its high melting point
The product features strong processing power. Equipped with a high-performance processor, it has the capability of strong data transmission image processing. The protective coating effectively helps prevent rust
This product is weather resistant, including resistance to UV degradation and retention of physical properties after long periods of sunlight exposure. Its thicknesses can be customized according to needs
Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. has a strong R&D team and passed ISO90001 certification. This product has the advantage of excellent heat resistance
Through the all member's continuous efforts, Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. gain our line recognition with pcb manufacturing process. This product is known for its strong anti-corrosion property
pcb manufacturing process helps Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. to stand out in pcb manufacturing process market. This product is notable for excellent chemical stability
Service is the main soft power for Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.. This product is available in different kinds of variations
Rocket PCB has a high-tech professional team integrating with HDI PCB fabrication to keep our technology ahead on HDI PCB fabrication field. Its excellent hardness makes it highly resistant to deformation
The experimental results show that pcb manufacturing process is superior to other HDI PCB fabrication in terms of quality. This product has shown its supreme magnetic property
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