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printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle

printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle

Printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle

Backplane PCB, high speed backplane
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold
Stack up N+N, Min Track/Width 3/3mil, Blind & Buried vias, laser vias
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Product Advantage
  • Rocket PCB pays great attention to product quality and strives for perfection in every detail of products. This enables us to create fine products.
  • Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is a modern company engaged in the production, processing, service and distribution of printed circuit board.
  • Rocket PCB has R&D talents with great technical capabilities and management talents with rich experience. Our company is able to develop sustainably thanks to them.
Company Advantages
1. Rocket PCB is produced using optimum quality materials which we source from trusted vendors of the market. All the components within this product are fixed using solder flux
2. Paying more attention to the quality of printed circuit board manufacturing will contribute to the brand image establishment of Rocket PCB. Its signal paths are well organized and exposed quite well
3. Production practice shows that printed circuit board manufacturing is more practical in with good effect, long service life and low cost. Its assembly process is conducted by a computer, leaving very little room for error
4. printed circuit board manufacturing are recognized for their intelligence functions of . Its connections made automatically through copper tracks
5. The adoption of improve the produce process and endow printed circuit board manufacturing with . The software program arranges its parts for best performance


The backplane has a lot of distinctive features.

A large part of the backplane is connected to some of the other boards at right angles. This requires that the backplane be much larger than conventional PCBs and that some backplanes even reach the 762mmx1066.8mm

The number of layers

In terms of the most common backplane, its layer is already in the 16~28, this number is much higher than the ordinary PCB


From the structure of the backplane itself, in order to be able to withstand more mechanical stress, it has to be designed much thicker than ordinary PCB. In most cases, the designer has to increase its thickness, and the typical backplane thickness is 2mm-4mm, which can be as thick as 4mm-6mm.

With the continuous development of science and technology, users of bandwidth requirements are becoming more and more stringent, which requires that the design of the backplane to be precise and rigorous enough, the production process of ordinary PCB has been far from meeting the needs of modern production. In order to produce a backplane that meets a variety of conditions, it is necessary to eliminate some of the original conventional equipment and replace it with a hybrid bus structure and assembly technology.

Product CASE

printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-1

High-speed Backplanes:

  ◪   Panel sizes up to 54 inches

  ◪   Over 70 layers

  ◪   Blind and back drilled through holes

  ◪   Dual diameter holes

  ◪   Heavy copper layers

  ◪   Connector expertise

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Product application

printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-3                
Consumer electronics
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-4                
Automotive electronics
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-5                
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-6                
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-7                
Industrial & Instrumentation
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-8                
IOT/Smart Home
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-9                
Medical electronics
printed circuit board manufacturing industry industry for vehicle-10                
Security Industry

Company Features
1. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is an influential professional provider of printed circuit board manufacturing .
2. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. has updated technology to improve pcb order quality and process technology.
3. The culture of Rocket PCB will be beneficial to forming a better customer service system. Inquire!
The materials used in Rocket PCB printed circuit board manufacturing are carefully selected. Materials that are sharp or pointed, or may penetrate the bottom and side, or contain irritating substances are seriously excluded out during materials procurement. The product makes it easy to identify visitors to the doors
The design of Rocket PCB pcb order takes many factors into account. These factors are fabric flexibility (ease of bending), compressibility (ease of squeezing), extensibility (ease of stretching), resiliency (ability to recover from deformation), etc. The product is specially designed to prevent burglars
Rocket PCB pcb order is mainly composed of 3 layers. They include a flexible substrate, a reflective layer, and a transparent coating layer. There is a plurality of optical microstructures between these layers. The product has been certified under FCC, RoHS, and CE
The design principles of Rocket PCB printed circuit board manufacturing are the following aspects. They are structural&visual balance, symmetry, unity, variety, hierarchy, scale, and proportion. The product works well with the security alarm system
The design of Rocket PCB pcb order requires high accuracy and achieves the one-pipeline effect. It adopts rapid prototyping and 3D drawing or CAD rendering that support the preliminary assessment of the product and tweak. The product provides users with peace of mind security
The product has high dimension accuracy. Processed under cutting-edge CNC machines, it is precise in width and length. The product is especially secure and tamper-proof
The product has remarkable hygroscopicity. As it is made of sanitary materials with great absorbability, it can effectively absorb the foot sweat and moisture. The product is engineered to be dust- and oxidation-proof
The product is safe. It has passed the tests for substances, such as Formaldehyde testing, Banned azo colorants testing, and Dimethyl fumarate testing. The product can also keep home safe even at night
The product has a smooth surface. In the polishing stage, the sand holes, air blisters, pocking mark, burrs, or black spots are all eliminated. The product offers sophisticated "access control" to any home or business
This product has the required hand-feel. Its fabrics feature enough softness, stiffness, bending rigidity, smoothness, and compressibility. The product makes it easy to identify visitors to the doors
This product will not easily gather any dirt. It has a smooth surface, which not allows any form of dust to adhere to the surface. The product comes with cloud storage function
The product is able to provide people with a better grip on things, helping them walk easier without any burden. The product is easy to use and can be managed efficiently
One of our customers says: 'This product keeps my visitors playing the way they are meant to be safe and fun. I have gained high guest compliments from them.' It provides an inexpensive and effective way to deal with unwanted visitors
There is no denying that this product has a positive effect on the mood and provides relaxation, especially for a sleep disorder and headaches sufferers. It creates a security barrier between unwanted visitors and users
The product is designed to efficiently produce high quality purified water that can be used for drinking water operations or any operation calling for pure clean water. The product can easily fit any types of wooden doors
The product possesses many distinct features that make it very purposive, especially in the car manufacturing industry and medical industry. Processed by advanced oxidation, it features long-term rust resistance
People all agree that this product is a good helper for their devices. They don't have to worry about their devices will suddenly shut down. Treated with stainless steel, it is tough and durable enough
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