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pcb hdi customized board interior electronics

Pcb hdi customized board interior electronics

Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold, ENIG, Immersion silver/Sn, HASL, LF-HASL
Stack up N+N, Min Track/Width 3/3mil, Blind & Buried vias, laser vias
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Product Advantage
  • With the pursuit of excellence, Rocket PCB is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in HDI PCB
  • As one of Rocket PCB's main products, HDI PCB has wide applications.
  • The quality of this product is ensured by strict management system and complete quality control system.
  • We can provide you one-stop solution and effective suggestions after you buy our pcb board.
  • Rich in talent, Rocket PCB gathers a group of professional talents who are engaged in R&D, technology, marketing, and management.
Enterprise Strength
  • Rocket PCB not only pays attention to product sales but also strives to meet the diversified needs of customers. Our goal is to bring customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
Company Advantages
1. Rocket PCB pcb circuit board is manufactured according to the safety standards in the water park industry to ensure that its reasonable layout can mitigate safety issues.
2. The product is safe enough. No chemical substances or gases will be released or emitted which will be mixed with the pool water.
3. The product features an efficient retractable mechanism. The top and bottom rail of each panel incorporate an extruded aluminum mechanical seal to withstand the retracted or extended mode.
4. The product can be switched on and off as many times as necessary without affecting its performance, even over the long term.

High-density Interconnect PCBs

To provide high-quality HDI PCB, the state-of-the-art production equipment is adopted by Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.

Our engineers adopt FR4 as its main material. It has met the industrial design requirements. It better meets the market demands. The adoption of LDI, Laser etching allows to deliver leading production efficiency. Due to 4+N+4 structure capability, it gets such merits as improves the wiring density of the inner signal layer, great help to Power integrity and signal integrity. It mainly serves communication, medical, military, security, industrial, automotive fields. It is approved by UL, SGS, ROHS, ISO9001,ISO14001, TS16949. Your specific requirements on HDI PCB are accepted. All your demand can be satisfied at

Rocket PCB focuses on high-tech and high-mixed PCB and is active in the electronic manufacturing industry. We have focused on this industry for more than 10 years years. Our product list includes rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, any layer, Flex, large-size, embedded, RF, LED, backplane, metal substrate, ceramic substrate, IC structure, high-frequency, heavy copper. Industry-leading and years of experience in the HDI field

Our mission is to continually raise the bar of customer experience by sticking to the business principle of 'Service creates value, service wins respect and service builds brand '. Here at more details can be found.


In Rocket, with advanced production equipment, excellent PCB solutions and complete testing methods, we have specialists working on their particular fields with the thorough mastery of their particular discipline in each of the production facilities. Training, as well as technical exchanges, are held frequently, tackling problems in key technologies and configuring scheme of equipment and allowing professionals to get up to speed on the essential tools that many organizations value today in the manufacturing industry. Thanks to those above, we have greatly improved the strength and won international reputation.

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  • Conductive materials and core-to-core bonding

  • Embedded components

  • RF connector attachment

  • Laser direct imaging (LDI)

  • Laser etching

  • Laser forming

  • Multi-level cavity construction

  • Plated cavities and edges

  • Composite/hybrid Structures

  • N+N dual press-fit

  • Dual-drill

  • Bonding on metal core

  • Bulid-up HDI

  • Long-short and staged gold finger

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF control

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF control

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF contro

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  • 3mil line and space

  • 4mil laser defined vias

  • 6mil chip-on-board

  • 6mil mechanically drilled vias

  • Conductive and non-conductive via fill

  • Dual backdrilling

  • Sequential lamination

  • Mixed dielectric

  • Heatsink Bonding

  • Heavy copper/thermal vias

  • Blind/buried vias

  • Stacked and staggerd microvias

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EXTENSIVE ANALYTICAL TESTINGpcb hdi customized board interior electronics-4

  • Design Rules Check(DRC)

  • Electrical Testing

  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

  • X-Ray

  • Plating thickness testing

  • Metalized vias inspection

  • Thermal shock testing

  • Surface peelability testing

  • Impedance control testing

  • 100% visual inspection

  • Solderability testing

  • Ionic cleanliness testing

  • Metallographic microscopic analysis

  • High voltage testing

  • Insulating resistance testing

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  • PTFE

  • High speed/low loss

  • High temperature

  • Low CTE

  • Lead-free, HASL, ENIG, EPENIG, Immersion Silver, Tin, Gold finger

  • Combination surface finished

  • Copper-filled microvias


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  •   24 hour real-time technical support Quick turn around with 24 hours and instant quote. For HDI board, will be based on board parameters, normally 15-30 days.

  •   Effective and flexible PCB engineering solutions save your cost. We always put the best interests first when providing innovative solutions for manufacturing customers’ products,we are more willing to help customers grow.

  •   Rapid feedback on the layout,build-up, panels, impedance, material selection, design rules, manufacturability, costs of different solutions, use of micro vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc.

  •   Strong partnerships with different reputed material suppliers such as  Rogers, Arlon, Nelco and Taconic can realize a fast service to a wide range of PCB applications.

  •   Dozens of tests such as open/short circuit testing( ET test), AOI, X-ray, impedance testing, solderability testing, thermal shock testing, metallographic micro-slicing analysis, halogen-free testing, etc.100% outgoing pass rate.

  •   Complete services from free DFM, traceable manufacturing to complete after-sales service, on time delivery 99%.

  •   We will keep secret for customer sale area,design ideas, drawing and all other private information.

  •   Flexible payment terms. Samples for 100%TT, mass production payment: 50% advance payment 50% balance should be paid off before loading or accept monthly statement if the order is stable.

Product application

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Consumer electronics
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-11                
Automotive electronics
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-12                
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-13                
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-14                
Industrial & Instrumentation
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-15                
IOT/Smart Home
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-16                
Medical electronics
pcb hdi customized board interior electronics-17                
Security Industry

Company Features
1. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is a company embracing abundant manufacturing experience of pcb circuit board. We enjoy a high reputation in the market.
2. Rocket PCB promotes the development of technology to improve the quality of pcb hdi .
3. With ambition, Rocket PCB aims to be the most competitive pcb assembly supplier. Get quote! Rocket PCB Solution has been committed to bringing innovative and professional pcb design and fabrication to customers. Get quote! Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. will provide a comprehensive any layer hdi pcb solution for our customers. Get quote! Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. actively encourages and creates an innovative atmosphere of cooperation. Get quote!
Rocket PCB pcb circuit board is professionally developed. Its development work is carried out by the expert R&D staff who have the knowledge of mechanical design automation and intelligent manufacturing technology, as well as the ability in solving practical engineering problems. It's incredibly flexible and can be used to lift and carry many things
Rocket PCB pcb hdi is carefully designed. It is made from the right fabric and is selected according to trends, quality, performance, price and range of application. The product is very easy to operate, thus, it can reduce user fatigue
The manufacture of Rocket PCB any layer hdi pcb is professional. The process mainly includes metal material purchase, rack manufacturing, component processing assembly, and debugging. It's widely recognized by western countries, such as Australia and North America
Some mechanical properties of Rocket PCB pcb circuit board have been considered during development. Owing to its mechanical working condition, it is developed with the desired stiffness, strength, hardness, ductility, and toughness. Made of high-tensile materials such as steel and zine, it features durability
The fibre of Rocket PCB pcb design and fabrication must be inspected strictly before it leaves the factory. The fibre must be evaluated in terms of strength, tensile strength, gram weight and feel. It has good resistance to extreme weather, such as heavy rain, snow, and ice
We are proud of any layer hdi pcb's diverse functions and original design.
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