mother dies in a fire sparked by a tumble dryer that has been linked to 20 previous blazes

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A mother-of-
The two were killed by a failed tumble dryer that a manufacturer failed to recall
Although 20 previous fires were caused by the model.
On February 7, miscell Moloney, 49, was found dead under a duvet by her 30-year-old daughter Jodie and sister Tracey.
The investigation heard that a small fire started in the Beko tumble dryer in the kitchen of Birmingham lumberi Moloney.
Emergency service personnel arrived at the property, but the fire was put out when family members managed to force in.
Despite the efforts of the medical staff, Moloney was declared dead at the scene.
Moloney was discovered by a pathologist, who was also a grandmother. of-
Two people and her 17-year-old caregiver. year-
The old deaf died due to carbon monoxide poisoning and inhalation of smoke.
Blood tests showed a carbon monoxide saturation of 71 in Moloney.
More than a fatal limit between 25 and 50.
The Birmingham and Solihull area coroner Emma Brown was told that the printed circuit board of the 8 kg-capacity dryer caught fire.
The Birmingham Coroner\'s Court heard that Beko had not recalled the product, although there were reports of 20 incidents in which the same DCS 85W model caught fire.
The coroner recorded a narrative judgment and added: \"My conclusion is that Mishell\'s death was due to a fire inhalation caused by the Beko tumble dryer in her kitchen
\"It is not possible to determine the nature of the defect that caused the fire.
\"She sucked in the deadly levels of carbon monoxide from the fire that started in the Beko tumble dryer purchased in 2012.
\"The deceased may have died early after turning off the tumble dryer and washing machine to go to bed.
\"Beko has received 20 reports of spontaneous fires before.
\"It has been determined that no recall is required because the risk of injury is low.
\"Mishell was aware of the problem with the tumble dryer before the fire, as she turned off the main switch, but it was clear to her that turning off the power would not solve the problem.
\"She apparently thought she had dealt with the issue and intended to go to bed later to deal with it.
\"I recorded the medical cause of Mishell\'s death for 1a)
Carbon monoxide poisoning and 1b)
Smoke inhalation.
Moloni also read 320 micrograms of alcohol in 100 of the blood, four times the amount of drinks --
According to the survey, the driving limit is 80 micrograms.
Tracey Moloney called her sister \"happy\" and \"organized\" in her testimony \".
She told the coroner that mom always made sure she washed clothes and dried them, and then folded them up and put them away before going to bed.
Her daughter, Judy, said in a statement: \"My mom is simply the best mom for my brother Joshua, and I could have asked that losing her is the most difficult thing I have to face.
\"I don\'t miss her for a day.
Since her death, there has been a gap in my life that can never be filled.
\"She is everything you hope for in your mother;
Kindness, generosity, love.
\"We are very close and she does everything she can to make her family happy.
\"For my kids Chloe and Callum, she\'s a smart man.
They were sad when she left.
\"The most difficult thing is that I didn\'t tell her how much I loved her.
\"I always say to her that she is my fighter because she will stand up for us forever, but I just hope I can say goodbye with my last hug.
\"She is my warrior, my hero, my mother, and I will miss her forever.
\"It was a tragic case to see a mother and grandmother being taken early from her loved ones,\" added Judy\'s lawyer, Paul Tabner . \".
\"The Death of Mishell has dealt a heavy blow to her family and they need answers from the manufacturer of the tumble dryer, where the fire that caused her death has begun.
\"Only then can they continue their lives.
\"An investigation found evidence of a fire in or around the area where the dryer printed circuit board is located (PCB)was.
Beko, the dryer\'s manufacturer, said the PCB was never found to be any of the 20 previous fires in the 8 kg DCS 85W model.
Andrew Mullen, quality control manager at Beko in the UK and Ireland, said the dryer has sold 35,000 units in the UK and Ireland, in addition, it complies with European safety standards and general fire safety regulations in the UK.
He added that the model was discontinued last year \"as part of the range change.
He revealed that two smaller 6 kg and 7 kg models were recalled \"within the first three months\" due to 100 reported capacitor failures \".
When asked what failure caused the first 20 fires, he said: \"In fact, in all cases, it was caused by running the capacitor --
I can\'t think of anything like this.
In a statement after the case, Mullen said: \"It was a tragic accident and we extend our deepest condolences and sympathy to relatives and friends of the Moloni family.
\"Safety is our top priority and we express our sincere regret for any incident related to our products.
\"Throughout the investigation, we worked closely with all the relevant authorities in an attempt to identify the cause of the fire in Moloni\'s MS property.
\"Despite the investigation by two of the most respected forensic companies in the UK, there is no solid evidence of why Moloney\'s MS tumble dryer is on fire.
\"Fire investigation officer James MacDonald of the West Midlands Fire Department told the coroner Moloney that she would lie in bed when she was shrouded in smoke.
He testified: \"She was lying in bed at the time of the fire, and at some point she realized there was a fire and tried to get out.
\"It was a very local little fire in my experience. It (the house)
It\'s cold, no fire, no smoke.
\"It has completely destroyed the tumble dryer and affected other items in the kitchen.
\"A careful inspection of electrical equipment will indicate that the tumble dryer is in a closed position.
\"Mishell may have turned it off when he thought there was a problem, because after careful inspection, the washing machine turned off half of a cycle.
\"It was filled with washing and water.
\"The assumption used at that time was because the washing machine was halfway through, as if there was a problem with the tumble dryer, and she took out the clothes and turned them off. \"It\'s feasible.
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