‘merchants of mega death’: protesters take aim at arms networking fair in cardiff

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-17
The action day is designed to undermine weapon equity through music, drama, \"meditation on arms equity\" and direct action.
Procurement, research, technology and enforceability of National Defense (DPRTE)
The fair is held annually at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, providing a networking opportunity for small and large companies selling goods to domestic and international buyers.
According to its website, The DPRTE weapons fair claims to be \"Britain\'s leading defense procurement activity \".
\"The event was originally held in Bristol before protesters forced it to move.
It will host weapons giants including BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which sell weapons to countries that violate human rights.
\"It is shocking that the Motorpoint Arena will welcome arms dealers to carry out deadly operations in central Cardiff.
Activists in Bristol managed to drive the arms fair out of their city and we were determined to show arms dealers that Wales did not welcome them either.
We protest because we want to send out a loud and clear message that arms dealers are not welcome in Cardiff, \"said local activist Lleucu Williams, part of the organization to stop the Cardiff arms fair.
Kat Hobbs, spokesman for the campaign against the arms trade, added that it is critical that smaller arms companies take responsibility.
\"The DPRTE arms fair exists to help small arms companies sell weapons to large arms manufacturers and governments.
Big companies such as BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin will buy parts there, where their weapons and equipment are suspected of serious human rights violations.
Every gear and circuit board of each weapon is critical to its operation, which is why we hold these companies accountable, \"she said.
Cardiff\'s day of action is a separate counter.
Weapons protests were held in London.
The stop arms fair called for solidarity protests in support of an activist who is currently on trial to take action at Lockheed Martin\'s office during the DSEI arms fair.
Activists on trial threw blood at Lockheed\'s office.
Colored dye, decorate the sidewalk with body contours, and then pin a banner on the wall that says \"Lockheed Martin: Giant Death Merchant \".
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