maybe apple\'s iphone 5 no-show was a master stroke

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-05
When Apple (AAPL)
The iPhone 5 was not launched last week and it looks like the company is screwed up. (
That\'s what I said myself. )
Of course, the iPhone will 4S sell well, but given the competitive pressure on Google\'s phones (GOOG)
Too much delay can be a disaster for Android.
However, given the continuing rumors of a slowdown in Apple\'s order parts pace and a period of time to rethink the issue, perhaps Apple is now just choosing not to bring the iPhone 5 to market.
That\'s why it makes sense.
Since last month, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase estimated that orders for iPad parts had dropped by 25%.
There are various theories as to why this is the case, and there are other analysts who are skeptical about this statement.
Apple also released a report on a slowdown in orders.
According to DigiTimes--
You need to recall that it made a major estimation mistake in the past ---
Orders for printed circuit boards for smartphones fell 15%, especially for Apple, pointing to a weak US economyS. and U. K.
Popular news Democrats debate the \"heartbeat\" bill lawsuit family planning interview the possibility that a default of capital makes competitors shoot first sounds less reasonable, although there is no way to know what the previous order level is, so, how much of a slowdown this might actually be.
But put all this on hold.
Things are slowing down if these different reports are true-
Of course, the EU and the United StatesS.
The economy is burning smoke at this point-
Then it can explain a lot well.
It is reported that a new iPhone may look like the iPhone 4S that began to appear in early August.
So Apple is probably guessing before trying to stop it. But why?
Because if the economy slows, at the same time as competitors react to the expectations of the iPhone 5 supermarket, using only the iPhone 4S will keep potential bigger surprises confidential.
Hit, will launch their most competitive products as soon as possible.
All of a sudden, Apple\'s competitors swing when things slow.
Apple will pick up a lot of orders, but unlike many orders --sold-a-million-in-one-
Day fanboy reported that if AT&T\'s (T)
There is no fault with the ordering system. Again.
On the contrary, when the economy has more time to stabilize, Apple will have a major upgrade, and when more people are ready to put their money down, Apple will suddenly become
This is speculation, of course, but it makes sense, in line with Apple\'s smart competitive strategy in the past.
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