Introduction to impedance PCB circuit board: why do you want to do

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-23
Circuit board factory introduction to impedance PCB circuit board: why do you want to do? PCB circuit boards impedance is refers to the resistance and reactance parameters, blocking effect of alternating current (ac). In PCB circuit board production, impedance processing is necessary. So you know why PCB circuit boards do impedance? 1, PCB circuit board ( Bottom) Want to consider the plug-in installed electronic components, plug after considering the conductive performance and signal transmission performance problems, so will demand the impedance control is lower, the better, the resistivity is lower than 1 x 10 - per square centimeter 6 below. PCB circuit boards, Impedance board) 2, impedance circuit board in the process of production will experience heavy copper, tin plating, Or chemical plating, thermal spray tin) , connector soldering, such as part of the production process, and these links must be ensure the bottom of the resistivity, the materials used to guarantee the overall low impedance circuit boards meet product quality requirements, can run normally. 3, impedance circuit board tin plating is the most vulnerable to the circuit board production problem, which is a key link in the process of impact impedance board. Electroless tin the biggest flaw is easy to change color, Both easy oxidation or deliquescence) Sex differences, brazing, will lead to problems in terms of PCB welding, high impedance leads to poor conductivity or the whole board performance instability. 4, the impedance of the circuit board in the conductor will have all kinds of signals, when the transmission rate and to raise its must raise its frequency, if the line itself due to factors such as etching, laminated thickness, wire width is different, will cause resistance to change, make the signal distortion, resulting in a decline in PCB performance, so you need to control impedance values within a certain range. Why about PCB circuit boards do impedance, believe that everyone is clear. PCB circuit boards impedance will directly affect the stability of the circuit board and the use of performance, so in order to ensure the overall performance and quality of PCB circuit boards will need to do impedance.
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