Intelligent traffic, PCB will be welcomed

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-12

, the report said global wisdom city the size of the market for $308 billion in 2018, by 2023 the number will increase to $717. 2 billion, 2018 - In 2023, the compound annual growth rate of 18 forecast period. 4%. The overall trend is certainly rise, many related industry vertical industry company are linked in cities and wisdom. In addition, the public security needs, the urban population increasing, the government action, will become the three big impetus to the development of intelligent city. How to understand? Small make up that security has been the important part of city construction, AI security began to rise, face recognition, biological recognition technology began to embrace traditional safety such as black; Immigration, and to promote the urbanization process, urban expansion is the inevitable phenomenon, city boundary, but need reasonable control; The government in urban construction, pay more attention to scientific and reasonable planning, 'clearly put every inch of land planning starts again after', has become a recent 'hebei male Ann new city master plan ( 2018 - 2035) 'In the most bright eye in a word, this is, of course, also reflects the policy began to pay attention to the wisdom of the city from the top level design is scientific. Intelligent transportation sector estimates of 2018 largest market scale, according to a report is expected in the forecast period, That is 2018 - 2023). , intelligent traffic will increase at an alarming compound annual growth rate. Intelligent traffic solutions for existing and new transportation infrastructure project provides an important driving force. MarketsandMarkets, however, have to remind is: the urban population explosion and the environment is becoming more and more serious. Intelligent traffic pull PCB fast-growing car has been completely mechanism by the past evolution becomes a combination of mechanical and electronic, automotive electronic accounted for in the automobile manufacturing costs rising, automotive electronic market size is also growing. Automobile industrial machinery and electronic combination because of the complicated working environment, auto car PCB requirement for reliability is extremely high, followed by the auto industry recall system, manufacturers need to assume the risk of product error, small manufacturers cannot afford, so will be excluded. And automotive PCB high barriers to entry, have to pass a series of verification test, certification cycle is long, and once through the authentication, the manufacturers generally will not easily change suppliers, orders are relatively stable. Intelligent driving cars for economic opened more imagination space, improve permeability in the car market at present. ADAS system ( Advanced driving assistance systems) To the rapid growth of the market from the original high-end market gradually penetrate into the mid-market, a new type of sensor technology is also improved in creating new opportunities for system deployment. Permeability of ADAS is less than 5% at present, with further expansion of functions, as well as the policy to encourage and mandatory requirements, the future is expected to increase at a speed of more than 20%, the size of the market is expected to be close to $30 billion by 2020. Determined in a variety of operation control, safety control and ADAS surrounding need PCB to implement control functions, is expected in the future to achieve fully automated driving cars will be more PCB assembly to meet the demand of driving. China intelligent driving market scale and prediction of new energy automobile demand for PCB also has huge potential. With the support of industrial policy, the domestic new energy automobile market keep rapid growth since 2014. BMS is one of the core parts of new energy vehicles, and as the basis of BMS is one of the parts, PCB will also benefit from the development of new energy vehicles.                                

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