Circuit board tin bad reasons and prevention programs

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-22
Circuit board in the SMT production patch cannot very good tin would appear, usually appear on the tin and on the surface of the PCB bare board cleanliness, without dirt tin basically won't have bad, the second is, the tin itself when the flux, temperature, etc. Then the circuit board production and processing of common electric tin bad specific main body? Appear this kind of question how to solve? 1, PCB board face coating with particle impurities, or substrates in the process of manufacturing a legacy of grinding particles on the surface the lines. 2, or parts of printed circuit board (PCB) substrate were tin surface oxidation and copper surface dull situation is serious. 3, PCB board face sheet of tin, electricity board face coating with particle impurities. 4, PCB board face with grease, impurities such as groceries, or there is a silicone oil residue. 5, circuit boards, high potential coating roughness, plate burning phenomenon, board face sheet electricity is not on the tin. 6, complete circuit board side coating, a bad plating, low potential have obvious bright side hole phenomenon. 7, circuit boards, low potential holes have obvious bright while phenomenon, high potential coating roughness, plate burning phenomenon. Circuit board low potential area plating tin, panel has a slight red or red, one side coating is complete, a bad coating. BGA boards ( PCB circuit boards) Circuit board electrical tin adverse condition improvement and prevention plan: 1, PCB potion ingredients regularly test analysis fill in time, increasing the current density, extend the plating time. 2, PCB strengthening treatment before plating. 3 and the correct use of flux for PCB. 4, PCB Hector trough analysis to adjust light agent content. 5, PCB do not regularly check the anode consumption reasonable adding anode. 6, PCB decrease current density, on a regular basis on the filtration system for maintenance or weak current solution treatment. 7, the control circuit board temperature in 55 - during the welding process 80 ℃ preheat time and make sure there is enough. 8, strictly control the storage, save time and environmental conditions of the process of PCB production process strictly. 9, using solvent wash sundry, if it is a silicone oil, then you need to use special cleaning solvent for cleaning. 10, reasonable adjusting the distribution of anode, reduce the current density, the reasonable design of PCB board wiring or makeup, adjust the light.
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