Circuit board factory of RMB will because WeChat and pay treasure to reduce printing

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-05
As mobile APP pay for rapid development, many merchants and customers are starting to use a mobile phone to pay, WeChat and pay treasure to pay the qr code can be seen everywhere. We can see a lot of friends around with a cell phone out of the door, and don't want to bring cash, however, using a mobile phone to pay as if has become a part of people's life. People have diminished the demand for cash, in theory, the central bank for the issue of currency will be less, but the fact is it true? First let the PCB factory small make up take you to understand a point. Seigniorage, also known as the currency tax. It is not only the national fiscal policy to increase revenues, and important means to make up for the fiscal expenditure by the government. In addition to rely on government taxes, debt and foreign debt, is a collection of seigniorage for more government funding. Is simply money can obtain benefits. Such as make a RMB 100 cost is about 0. 38 to 0. 4 yuan. But we can use it to buy 100 yuan, the resulting economic difference is seigniorage, is this is the government's main economic source. If we use other countries' currencies, you will lose a lot of wealth. Many economists have stressed seigniorage is very important for a country's financing strategy. China's GDP is located in the world's second, monetary circulation each year, if we give up the money will be lost much wealth! In addition your phone in the WeChat and pay treasure to online banking and bank money is the same, in your mobile phone can money is just a number, but your money is saved in the bank or other financial institutions. Other countries issuing notes is not restricted, national currency requires corresponding gold reserves, so the circulation of paper money to people according to demand for money to limit circulation. Money on your phone, just in order to facilitate trading in digital form in front of you, but will have corresponding money stored in the bank. Actually behind you every time consumption, the corresponding flow of money is real, is to cash and its corresponding, can appear otherwise economic chaos. Mobile payment of payment just to make people more convenient, saves cash transactions this piece, affect only the currency use, does not affect the central bank for the circulation of money. So you don't have to worry about the issue of currency problem! Circuit board factory small make up that although mobile payment make our life more convenient, or with little cash when you go out but is good to have around. Because, after all, now can not all parts of mobile payment, cash in the body is a bit more convenient. Another one thousand need to pay one day run out of battery or malfunction, bring some cash.
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