world’s top tech firms sharpen their focus on sustainability

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-10
We are all using smartphones, but how sustainable they are.
A lot of electronic waste is produced every year, and we need to do our part to reduce it.
In an ideal world, we should be able to get longer time from every smartphone we buy, and when its life cycle is over, it should be properly recycled.
In fact, the latest models of smartphones replace very good and effective smartphones because you like to upgradeto-
Date of use of technology, or because your network offers you a free upgrade. googletag. {});
Unfortunately, while most \"old\" phones are still in perfect working condition, many \"old\" phones end up in drawers or in bins.
However, if you stop to consider the potential environmental damage that the material in your smartphone can cause, you may not dump it so lightly.
For a while, you will consider every 18-
But many networks have now shortened that number to 12 months, and in some countries it is still as low as six months.
About 1, 2018.
56 billion smartphones sold worldwide
Several of these quarters were upgrades.
Usually, it is ideal for old phones to be donated to family, passed to friends, or donated to recycling.
However, this is not enough. We have contributed to the increasingly serious e-commerce problem. waste.
Now it seems that there seems to be a recognized upgrade cycle every year or two, and in many cases, even less.
I am a tech fan and like to look at the latest technology, but we all have the responsibility to do our part to face up to the reality of the damage we have caused to tech addiction. The Global E-
Waste monitoring 2017 is a cooperative effort of the United Nations University (UNU)
Through its Deputy Representative
Sustainable Recycling in the European region (SCYCLE)
Programme of the International Telecom Union (ITU)
International Association of solid waste (ISWA).
76% of all e-commerce in 2016
The waste is missing, either in landfill, incineration, informal recycling or not in use.
The report shows an estimated 11 in the Americas each year. 6 kg of e-
Waste for everyone.
Only 17% are properly recovered. googletag. {});
In Europe, we produce more electronic products.
Waste per capita 16.
However, 6 kg/person, we recycled more at 35%.
It still means about 10.
In Europe, 8 kg people per person cannot be recycled every year.
You can recycle precious metals and other valuable materials from smartphones and other electronic devices.
A lot of materials are plastic and metal, but the printed circuit board contains gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, gallium, indium and silicon.
Even if the smartphone stops working;
The battery is no longer charged or the screen is broken and cannot be fixed. There is still a lot of value from it.
Believe it or not, but up to 80% of mobile phones are recyclable.
Even if your old phone doesn\'t work, most charity stores will accept it.
There are a lot of companies on the Internet that will buy old work phones from you like envirofone. com.
Three Irish will even give you money for your old phone, satellite navigation, MP3 player or digital camera.
They will take your phone from any network and promise to donate to their charity partner, the National Center for Mental Health for youth.
Vodafone will also handle old phones for you in an eco-friendly way.
Donations raised to Vodafone and conservation volunteers
Initiatives to fund environmental projects in communities across Ireland.
About 80% of the parts in the phone can be recycled.
You can trade, of course.
On old work phones or privately sold on confidential websites.
If it\'s not your business, check out your local used store or CEX, who specializes in electronic trading to buy a new model or just sell it in cash.
No matter what you do, don\'t put any electronic equipment in the bin.
Pass it on to someone else, someone else, or take it to a recycling facility or a charity store. googletag. {});
Many telephone companies have begun to consider the way they package their products to reduce or eliminate plastic and non-plastic
Recyclable materials used.
However, they need to start doing more work to make it easier for their phones to be repaired.
Take a look at jerrgegevery on YouTube and look at the removal of your phone and you\'ll see exactly how much your phone can be fixed.
Once, the phone had a removable back, but now, most of the flagship is waterproof, sealed with electronic devices, so blocked
Packaging that is increasingly difficult to replace or repair.
Apple attaches great importance to how to recycle their old iphone using a robot called Liam.
The Apple Renew program is an extended recycling program for your old Apple device.
Robot Liam, can take apart more than 1.
2 million iPhones a year, extract different components and re-
Use or recycle.
He can extract cobalt and lithium from the iPhone battery, separate gold and copper from the camera, and extract silver and platinum from the motherboard.
Apple\'s trade in Ireland
In the plan, you will receive an Apple Store gift card for eligible devices.
If it is not eligible for credit, Apple will recycle it for free.
And, they promise that, regardless of the model or condition, they can turn it into something that is good for you and good for the Earth.
Update: Unfortunately, robot Liam has been retired by Apple.
The good news is that he has been replaced and upgraded by a new model, Daisy.
This allows Apple to double the number of locations where American customers can send iPhones for recycling robot Daisy to disassemble.
Daisy will disassemble and recycle Selected used iPhones at Best Buy stores across the United States and KPN retailers in the Netherlands.
Customers can also recycle their eligible devices in any Apple store or through Apple.
As part of Apple\'s trade plan.
Apple received nearly 1 million devices through Apple programs, and each Daisy can be disassembled.
2 million units per year.
In 2018, the company renovated more than 7.
8 million Apple devices and helped transfer more than 48,000 tons of electronic waste from landfill sites. googletag. {});
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