When the circuit board out of the question, how would you diagnose?

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-27
Do you have this experience: when you finally get some technical problem on the circuit board, be tempted to jump up happy laughing? Do not take an examination of the s, the company top have been involved in a job interview, he is one of the interview questions: 'when the printed circuit board out of the question, how would you diagnose? 'As you can see, this is a very open question, so I immediately answer:' I would guess at first; 'I no surprise then please I went on to explain, and I of course also be happy to go on. I explained that have different ways to solve such as circuit board fault problems ( Here we assume that you don't have specific tests of the circuit board tester) , in fact, I will do the first thing is quick to visual check circuit board, to find whether there was an obvious clues like loose jumper ( Missing) And so on. This may sound like a little stupid, but again and again, you will be lucky to find some obvious clues. After the first visual check, one option is to carefully examine all possible failure mechanism, and see components, testing line, and observe signals one by one, until the point of failure isolation. But the problem is the process of this strategy is both boring and time-consuming. Another alternative ─ ─ and personally, I suggest ─ ─ is to observe how system failure in the external world, and then began to WAG (according to you 野生, 屁股猜) Random guessing. This method is not so stupid as it sounds, is you are using your experience rapid possible problem area; If you are right, and found the problem correctly, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort; If you guess wrong, you also won't waste too much time or energy, but also ruled out for at least one possible problems. But at some stage, some WAG results may need to check more, and then you went back to carefully, slow and steady progress and cost of energy analysis model. What? And then? Ask what stupid question! But, above all is not the key; I think that, because I've just seen 'The Register' this site ( At: a British science and technology news and commentary site) A series of interesting in the 'standby' ( 在- - - - - - 调用) Articles, this series of the slogan is 'bite the hands of those who feed IT', is the fixed column every Friday, is IT technicians in readers to share their time, strange place strange strange tasks carried out. I've read so far two very interesting story, the first is about a as long as master flush the toilet will restart the computer; The second is a theater of network in the audience every time to get hanged line, preparing their tickets. As an engineer have you ever met that kind of experience? Welcome to share with us!
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